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In which we discuss the gems you find browsing record and book stores...
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Mindcleaner Podcast Episode 2.1 Bonus
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Is the Church Progressive?

Mindcleaner Podcast Episode 2
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Happy Mindcleaner New Year!

Hereís a new way to access my mediocre thoughts...Mindcleaner Podcast Ep. 1
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Revolution. In Mexico

I wrote about this seven years ago (canít find the post, though), and it looks like it worked...
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A couple of weeks ago when we were mourning the possible loss of Right Nation, I threatened a music thread on the3 topic. Here it is:
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Well, it appears weíre still alive here at RN, I figure an update is in order.
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Not really. Maybe. At least most of the new content will be on my Facebook page from now on. It's just way more convenient and easier to share with a broader range of people. There is a possibility that I'll write for another site at some point.
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Rmemeber that time I said, " I figured we would check in every two weeks instead. We might even go to weekly check ins"? That was awesome.
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I'm putting this half baked theory up before my Fat Club post because I don't want two Fat Club posts back to back. I'm OCD that way.
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The Fat Club check-ins a decade ago were monthly, so in the spirit of changing the way we did it last time, I figured we would check in every two weeks instead. We might even go to weekly check ins.
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This is what the backlash against Muslims, illegal immigrants, and victims of all classes is supposed to look like. From Fox 32:
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Holy cow (no offense)! It's been ten years since our last attempt to get healthy. What's wrong with you people? Me? I've got reasons, not excuses. I've also go excuses. I think the main problem was my commute. We were hitting it pretty hard when we bought a house fifty miles from where we used to live and work. The commute plus...
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We're told constantly that demographic trends favor the Democrats. White voters, for instance will become the minority by 2050 or blue eyed people will go extinct by 2025. There are all kinds of trends that are supposed to spell doom for the GOP and the political right in general.
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