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No,not that I am blogging on RN again after almost three years, although I understand the sentiment. I'm asking if anyone is surprised about what Putin is doing and Obama's pitiful response. It was clear from the get-go that Putin, former head of the KGB, intends to resurrect the Soviet Union. Practically everything he has done since seizing power in Moscow has been in service of that end. Chechnya, Georgia, and now Ukraine. It is 1917-1968 all over again. And far too many Americans, on the right as well as the left, are in such denial or, more likely, fear of the Great Bear of the North, that Vlad is just doing what he wants. Especially pitiful, as I said, is Obama. I literally laughed out loud at 0's tough talk and "hours on the phone," as it was all such equine waste. The real truth came at the end of the press conference on Friday, when he invited all the Democrats to Happy Hour. That's when everyone could see, or should have seen, what Barry and the Dems really think. The communists have invaded Ukraine--time to celebrate our victory!

Yes. I said it. Obama and the lefties join with their tovarishchi in Rooss-see-yah in bringing normality back after Reagan conquered them without firing a shot. We're putting the Iron Curtain back up! It's sooooo exciting! Let's make some tough talk for appearances, but then, pop open the bubbly! Raise your glasses, workers! Nazdrovia!

Don't believe me? Well, how do you account for the fact that one of Obama's first foreign policy actions was to tell Poland to drop dead (ending the Strategic Defense Initiative and pulling out of Poland specifically. And how about the deafening silence from Big Ears over Putin's active support of Iran's nuclear program? Am I the only one who remembers Obama getting caught on a hot mic in 2012, telling Medvedev to tell "Vladamir" that, once Obama was re-elected, he would have more "leeway"? Leeway? To do what? Hmm? The only earnest criticism one hears from Obama about anything Putin does is about homosexuals at the Olympics. Ooooooooooooh! That's telling him, Mr. President! Then, with Ukraine in flames and Russian troops ready to march, Obama orders that America disarm!

How can it be more clear? Putin is raising the Iron Curtain and Obama likes it. Favors it. Supports it. I am outraged, but I am not surprised.

God help us.

God, help us. Please.

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Diplomacy only works against Russian communists when they know you're willing to use physical military force. That's why the Soviets retreated during the Cuban missile crisis and diplomacy won the day, they knew that Kennedy would have ordered the military to attack.

Obama has no credibility, he's a laughing stock. I'd suggest leaving diplomacy to the German and the Brit leadership, they're taken more seriously than the milk-sop.
Not surprised. Saw this coming when Russia invaded Georgia and it took Obama three days to come up with a non-response.
Not surprised at all.

Obama is doing exactly as I thought he would.
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