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#1 User is online   ilja 

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  Posted 18 May 2017 - 07:41 PM

I am so sick and tired of all of the attacks against President Trump to the point where I am compelled to start seriously praying for him. You don't have to tell me everything that he does wrong. I am a Johnny come lately as a Trump supporter and I know good and well he is no conservative. And yet, his presidency has opened my eyes even more than before about how most Republicans, in particularly those in real power are really progressives at heart anyway.

I am praying for God to place a hedge of protection around Trump and to surround him with Godly advisors. I am praying for God to give him divine wisdom and humility. I am praying for God to direct his steps and to reveal to him who he can trust and who are the leakers. I am praying for God to remove those who would do him harm and our country harm.

I am praying for God to give him strength and courage to keep up the good fight and to not fall for the lies of the enemy especially those in sheep's clothing.

I am once again praying for revival, for us to turn from our wicked ways and to turn back to Him, the only true God through His son Jesus Christ. I am praying for Trump's salvation to really know and walk with God.

If anyone would like to join me in these prayers or any others, please feel free to do so.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

#2 User is offline   MontyPython 

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 10:08 PM

Hey, prayer never hurts. I think I'll join you.


#3 User is offline   sunangel1776 

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Posted 12 June 2018 - 12:47 PM

Joining the two of you, and many others who are praying for President. Trump. Right now, I am praying that both the North Koreans and the Americans stay safe from harm while our two leaders meet.

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