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Because TV ratings are down or something. My #1 pick might not be a real TV show, but it blows all the rest of them away.
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Is the Carrier Deal Fascist?

Ben Shapiro thinks it is:
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Fake News Nostalgia

Remember the First Tea Party Terrorist? According to the New York Times, it was Joseph Stack, the guy who flew a plane into and IRS building in Texas:
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Rich, bored, and stupid always trumps hunger:
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Texas is joining other states that say "yes" burying or cremating children murdered in abortion clinics.
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What's in Your Corn Flakes?

So, here you might be thinking corn flakes are wholesome and healthy. Think again. We take the occasion of Kellogg's removing its ads from Breitbart to remind everyone how this horrible concoction became breakfast fodder for an emasculated America:
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Since Trump's TV induced Tweet about flag burning, there's been an edit war at Wikipedia over Hillary Clinton's involvement with a bill that would ban flag burning. Currently, it reads:
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I didn't write the following, but I very well could have:
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Nothing to say except Fidel died. Of what? Something medical, I'd assume.
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Four years is going to go by in the blink of an eye, especially given how primary candidates start announcing their campaigns earlier and earlier. I'd expect we'll be in full campaign mode for 2020 by the end of the 2018 mid-terms. It's in the Democrats' best interest to shorten Trump's first term and freeze it in the public...
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The whole Richard Spencer hubub illustrates why ideological clarity and rhetorical discipline are more important now than ever. Back in 2012, when the media was predictably smearing Mitt Romney as a racist, I wrote the following:
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It's amazing to hear people talk about the Reagan tax cuts. Evidently, he unilaterally cut taxes on the day he was elected, causing a massive recession and enormous deficits. And not a single Democrat supported him. His hair, his ability to read cue cards on TV, and the gullibility of the American people thwarted the Democrats' valiant...
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How's that for a headline, huh? It's only a little more sensationalistic than USA Today's:
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It has been ten years since students at my school walked out to protest the enforcement of our immigration laws. Back then, Dodgerking wrote about his experience at his school a one town over:
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