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Bill Richardson, a Democratic presidential hopeful swings off the reservation:
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Apologies to O's Fan

Yesterday, I posted a question from O's Fan and said it was rude. That's not what I meant. It was one of those things you say and the people around you know what you mean. But here in cyberspace, you all aren't quite familiar with my lame sense of humor, so it's unwise of me to subject you to it.
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O's Fan Fan rudely asks a tough question:
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I'm on the fence on the DP because I don't trust the government. However, the SCOTUS came to this decision in the most criminal, treasonous way possible. They cited "evolving consensus" and " evolving standards of decency." Aside from the morally relativistic poke in the eye to our Judeo-Christian foundations from...
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Brave Sir Anonymous asks the folks at Vox Popoli:
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I just finished Michael Crichton's, State of Fear, and I have to say it was very thought provoking even if it wasn't what I would call fine literature. The characters were cartoons and the pace, though very fast, was broken up by long blocks of exposition. Normally, I would have just put that kind of book down, but in this one, it was the...
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A well written answer deserves the spotlight.
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This is a little old:
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I don't know if you've noticed, but I spend a fair amount of time over at Vox Day's blog. Honestly, I find myself less and less put off by criticisms of President Bush because he does like to spend and ignore immigration issues. Don't get me wrong, I'm no crawling minion. Vox's take on the war in Iraq has gotten closer...
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Armando at Dailykos forgets that other leg in the liberal tripod:
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Newscleaner 2/28/05

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I've been pondering the difference between the way conservatives and liberals think. Jonathan Chait may have been right about how liberals are more likely to base their policies on empiricism than conservatives. But that doesn't mean they're right.
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This Will Creep You Out

I've been writing this blog for over a year now, and my last post was my first ever post on abortion. I really just get tired of the debate, frankly. But for some reason, today has yielded two remarkable stories I feel I must weigh in on.
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Abortion Nazi?

Kos is pretty worked up over this from the NYT:
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Another Liberal Admission

TimF at Vox Popoli further spills the liberal beans:
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Mom's Night Out Hilarious. You will laugh unless you drive a black BMW and watch sunsets at the golf course.
The Amazing Spiderman 2 This series is still better than the Toby McGuire one. I actually cared if Gwen Stacy died.
Odd Thomas I understand the critics who didn't like the uneven tone. Way uneven. Still worth watching on Netflix.
Star Trek Into DarknessGood movie. Please, for the love of tribbles, let old Spock die.
Grown Ups 2 Critics, attack. Whatever you want to say about this one, I'm okay with it.
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