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...is the one they wage themselves.

There was a recent thread about the tolerance of on-line liberals which I thought was interesting. I unwittingly put it to the test as I was cruising Facebook yesterday. One of my high school "friends" shared this video link from MoveOn.org to some of her other friends:

MoveOn Propaganda

Now, I'm not a Republican, but thought I would view the video to see what it was about. I'm not sure if this "friend" knew that what she shared went to all of her friends, but that's irrelevant.

I then posted a comment about the video and my point was essentially that the Democrats were waging (fomenting, really) this "war on women", and not the GOP. This is what I posted (from memory):


We have 3 years of 8+% unemployment, $15T+ in national debt, annual trillion dollar deficits - and all Democrats want to do is demagogue social issues to distract from their economic failures. No one is going to take away your abortions and birth control, so get over it.

And I wasn't actually referring to her specifically, but to the women in that video, but nevertheless - no big picture from her (which was my other point). We have bigger problems right now so her penchant for abortion and access to contraception isn't in danger. But no - the fate of the country's financials MUST take a back seat to her and the boogeymen her fellow travelers are creating. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE WITH THE EVIL STATES WANTING TO OFFER ULTRASOUNDS TO ABORTION CUSTOMERS!!!

Then she replied back (again, paraphrasing from memory):


I will not get over it -- until these legislators stop trying to control my choices in and access to women's healthcare, I will oppose them.

And then I innocently posited:


You mean like Obamacare?

And I had a specific example in mind as I know she was approaching 50. Does anyone remember the Sebilius Mammogram debacle? I was going to ask her if the Federal Gov't should tell her when she should have mammograms. This is especially pertinent to this "friend" as I know she has studied the idea of music therapy comforting women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Unfortunately, we never had a chance to discuss that as you might guess what happened next. No further response from her and I was unfriended. :sad:

I don't see the GOP as the ones "waging this war on women". They are systematically asked about social issues (because the media narrative is that conservatives are weak on them) so the soundbites are taped and the person quoted and their political allies can be bludgeoned about it for the following days or weeks. ANYTIME Democrats have their backs against the wall due to their failures, they bring out issues in which they believe they hold the higher ground - some sort of social issue. It's one of the reasons I'm no longer a Democrat. The fact that the GOP doesn't have the spine to react with a hard punch back into the Democrat gut is the reason I'm not a Republican.

Anyhoo, there ya go. The truth bit her hard and she didn't want to face the mirror. Republicans legislating small pieces of healthcare in their own states - BAD. Obamacare - Federal legislation of ALL healthcare - GOOD!!! (despite the ever-increasing price tag).

Oh well, I'll still say hello to her if we meet at a class reunion in the future, but I doubt she'll return the greeting. But who knows, since she won't be 'on-line', maybe her tolerance toward political opposition will be different in person.

And if you want a chuckle, here is her title :

Associate Professor Coordinator of Music Therapy Program Dept of Music and Arts
Technology Xxxxxx School of Engineering and Technology (at a certain University)

Holy Schneikies!

She is a Ph.D. - in other words, an academic, an elitist who thinks she is smarter than most everyone else - except when it comes to defending her hypocrisy, of course.

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