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RightNation.US: 12 Times Dems, Repubs Said No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion; - RightNation.US

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12 Times Dems, Repubs Said No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion; 10 Times People Claimed There Was Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 11:41 AM

12 Times Dems, Repubs Said No Evidence Of Trump-Russia Collusion; 10 Times People Claimed There Was

Sharyl Attkisson
by sattkisson
on May 11, 2017


  • To date, scandalous accusations of treason against Trump haven’t borne out
  • Incendiary claims unsupported by public evidence after 10 months of probes

The following is a news analysis

Ten months after questions were first raised, there’s no evidence that Donald Trump “colluded” with Russia, according to prominent Democrats and Republicans who have reviewed information or received briefings.

It’s too early to call it a closed case, because various investigations into Russian influence in the 2016 campaign and links to Trump associates continue. That reportedly includes probes by the FBI, Republican-led congressional committees, and the military. The FBI has largely stayed mum on its work. But yesterday, President Trump claimed James Comey, as FBI Director, personally told him he was not under investigation.

It’s significant that no evidence of wrongdoing by Trump has publicly surfaced long after multiple players in politics and media began insisting there was collusion. Among the allegations of treasonous behavior was a “dossier” peddled to the media and published in January. It made lurid claims about Trump ties to Russia, involving bribery and prostitution. But it turns out the dossier wasn’t an intelligence report; it was campaign opposition research compiled by Trump political opponents.

This week, Former Defense Intelligence Agency chief James Clapper told Congress that the sourcing trail of the dossier was so poor, that the entire file was excluded from in an intelligence community assessment in January.

Yet despite the persistent dearth of evidence, there’s been no widespread backtracking by those who have made claims against President Trump to date.

The Flynn Question

Whether President Trump conspired with Russia in some way is separate from questions about some of his associates, including former national security adviser, Lt. Col. Michael Flynn.

Among other matters, Flynn is under fire for:

  • Having discussions with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. that he didn’t disclose to President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence (not inherently against the law, but an ethics question and the reason he was let go from the Trump administration, according to experts); and
  • Allegedly failing to seek permission from or disclosing to the U.S. government his $67,000 in payments from Russian organizations (a possible violation of federal law, according to members of Congress).

A Flynn spokesman has said he informed the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) before and after giving a paid speech in Moscow. DIA spokesman Jim Kudla confirmed that Flynn reported prior to his trip “in accordance with standard security clearance procedures.”

The problem with the media, politicians, commentators and pundits getting ahead of the evidence or contradicting it entirely, is that it erodes trust in the accuracy of information. If and when real evidence emerges, the public may mistrust what they read and hear.

Here are 12 public statements about lack of evidence by those who have reviewed evidence or been briefed, followed by a sampling of 10 claims against Trump. What were the claims based on if there was no evidence yet? (Italics emphasis added)

1. The New York Times
Nov. 1, 2016
According to the newspaper, the FBI says there’s no definitive connection between Donald Trump and the Russian government, reaching that conclusion after a wide-ranging investigation. The Times cited law-enforcement officials who said any cyberattacks carried out were “aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Trump.” The FBI also found no conclusive evidence of deliberate communications between Trump and a Russian bank, that were alleged earlier.

2. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin, House Speaker)
Feb. 28, 2017
No one has ever showed us any evidence that any collusion had occurred between an American involved with the political system and the Russians.”

3. James Clapper (Former Obama Director of National Intelligence)
March 5, 2017
“[Regarding] NSA, FBI…CIA…Director of National Intelligence (DNI), that had anything, that had any reflection of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians, there was no evidence of that included in our [January] report,” Clapper testified. He was asked, “…but does it exist?” He answered, “Not to my knowledge.”


The Rest

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 12:03 PM

James Comey briefed Republican Chairman Charles Grassley and Democratic Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein and told them that Trump is not under investigation. In a judiciary committee hearing, Sen Blumenthal tried every which way to get Comey to say that Trump might possibly, kinda, sorta, maybe just a little bit under investigation by the FBI. http://www.washingto...article/2622899

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 12:19 PM

Again what the media refuses to say is that this is a COUNTER INTELLIGENCE investigation not a criminal one. The investigation of Clinton's emails was a criminal investigation.

The big problem here is that opportunists like McCain and Chaffetz, are going to use this opportunity to build their own image rather than do what's right for the American people.

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 12:44 PM

It's all about political theatrics and fake optics at this point.

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