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  Posted 15 May 2017 - 11:59 AM

The Mass Media Cult Goes Pathological

By James Lewis
May 15, 2017


In the five months since the election, the media haven't been able to get over getting Trumped. They've gone through the five stages of grief, some of them over and over again, and still The Donald drives them crazy. Hillary was one of the worst candidates in history, but it didn't matter. In our Mass Cult mind, she couldn't lose.

This is a mass media pathology, as we can see from their uncontrolled emotional outbursts. The latest is Comeygate, which looks like a trap Trump laid for James Comey, who came out of the White House babbling that the president had demanded Comey's personal loyalty a no-no by Watergate standards. But Comey has no Oval Office tapes, so it's his word against Trump's. Comey has no evidence, while making an "impeachable" allegation against POTUS.

Where's John Dean when they need him?

Every time they lose another power player in D.C., like Clapper and Comey, they have to go through the five stages of grief. First denial. Then tears. Then asking God to make it not so. On and on.

If these people weren't so malignant, I'd feel sorry for them.

This is a kind of death anxiety for the American ruling class, which is also why they constantly fantasize about killing Donald Trump. For psychiatrists, it's an interesting mental disorder, and it's too bad that millions of Americans still depend on Mass Cult for their daily news. This is not a college textbook; it's America today.

When Stanford psychologist Philip Zimbardo first showed how normal Stanford students could be cultified, I felt skeptical. It couldn't be that easy. Basically, the kids were voluntarily isolated, so all their daily sources of real news were blocked. Then some authority figure sold them a bill of goods, and the test was whether they would obey a plainly illegal command to give "dangerous electrical shocks" to a confederate, who yelled in pain.

(Today this experiment is illegal, but it has been repeated in other countries with low-level shocks given to animals.)

History books have been written about crazy cult behavior, especially utopian cults. But we think they have no real lesson for our lives because we aren't crazy.

Most people don't realize that "media concentration" a functional news monopoly, day after day has the same effect as cult indoctrination. It doesn't matter if Disney Corp. has a different name from the New York Times. It matters only that they tell the same "news" story every day. For a mental mass monopoly, you don't need to violate anti-trust law. All you need is mass media that make up the "news" by consensus, not by empirical reality. Dr. Michael Barone actually looks up facts for his political column, but he is a rarity in the media business today. The Big Media are basically playing telephone.

Closed cults like Jim Jones and Scientology do some very nasty stuff, and when it gets to the Kim Jong-un level they build nukes and fire ICBMs over countries like Japan. Today, Kim III is pushing his WMD program as fast as he can, and where Kim goes, the mullahs follow. Iran and North Korea co-develop those weapons and test the bombs underground in Korea, but the mullahs get the same technology.

The bottom line is that any ideological monopoly creates cults.

Full Story


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Posted 15 May 2017 - 12:57 PM

I would amend one small statement "Then asking God to make it not so"-so many of these media whiny panty-wetters are major league atheists. Maybe "Asking the Supreme Court to make it not so" or "local government" or something similar. Some authority they DO respect.

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