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  Posted 11 November 2017 - 10:20 AM

Washington Post Says Fake Hate Is Rare, and Other Fairy Tales

By Colin Flaherty
November 10, 2017


The Washington Post promised us that fake hate crimes are “rare.” The news hounds of D.C. know that because the Southern Poverty Law Center, America’s greatest purveyors of fake hate crimes, told them so.

That is the biggest hoax of all.

The occasion for their latest prevarication was this week when even the Post had to admit that three recent nationally publicized stories of white on black hate crimes were fake as a nine-bob note. At the Air Force Academy Prep school, a black student admitted he was responsible for the racist graffiti that drew so much virtue display from so many high places. Ditto for racist drawings in Lawrence, Kansas and racist graffiti at a Missouri church.

Despite the recent hoaxes of white racism, the Post its satraps at SPLC felt the need to reassure us that white racist hate crimes are real and widespread and of course all the fault of Donald Trump.

That’s the fantasy. The reality is that black victimization is the biggest hoax of our lifetimes, and fake hate is a part of that huge liberal con game. And it is easy to see with even a cursory look at a list of recent fake hate stories that gathered national attention.

The SPLC tells so many fibs about so many fake hate crimes even they have trouble keeping track. After the election of Donald Trump, Mark Potok and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews were talking about the millions -- or was it billions? -- of hate crimes that Trump supporters were creating all over the universe when they settled on one particularly egregious example of a Moslem woman in New York whose hijab was torn from her sainted head. Trump supporters did it, of course, all the while threatening even more violence.

It never happened. Even the New York Times figured that out a few months before. But that hardly mattered to Potok and Matthews. Here’s a link to the conversation and the hoax.

This is a long list: Each one featuring the boy who cried wolf, and a bevy of reporters eager to forget the first and only rule of journalism: If your mother says she love you, check it out.

So let’s take a look at a few dozen recent examples of fake hate crimes, starting with black public officials who love to lie about black victimization. All with links.

In Texas, a state legislator blew by a state trooper doing 94 miles an hour -- his third speeding infraction for which he received a warning. Nevertheless, soon after, he took to the dais to tell his colleagues about the racist cop who was picking on him because of his skin color. Just like Sandra Bland. Then came the video of the polite and deferential officer giving the lawmaker a few tips about slowing down.

Racist police stop? Never happened.

In Jacksonville, Florida, two black city council members bitterly complained about racial profiling after one was stopped driving a car with stolen license plates. One body cam video later, this was clear: It never happened. A national police news site characterized the councilman at the wheel as a “lying scumbag.”

In Chicago, congressman and former Black Panther leader Bobby Rush said he was pulled over, then used and abused because he was black. Never happened.

In Orlando, a black state attorney was stopped because her license plate did not show up in a police computer. She complained of racial profiling. Then came the video featuring a polite cop and surly driver. Her fairy tale? Never happened.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, city, state, and national media were falling over themselves to investigate racist letters threatening black cops. After a year, the full story came out. Never happened: Black cops manufactured the letters and were caught.

Full Story


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 10:49 AM

Only the most truly ignorant actually believe all that "institutionalized racism" horsesh*t.


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 11:26 AM

I believe them, after all, if anyone knows about "fake" it's the WaPo crowd. DERP!

#4 User is online   zurg 

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Posted 12 November 2017 - 09:00 AM

Apparently there is some institutional racism and misogyny to boot. It's by WaPo against white male conservatives.

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