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Posted 13 September 2018 - 07:24 AM

How a Social Justice Mob Fired a Tenured Professor

By Peter Wood September 11, 2018
Minding the Campus

The fall semester is off to a fiery start. We have Brown University’s decision to distance itself from Professor Lisa Littman’s research paper; the decision by the New York Journal of Mathematics journal to un-publish Professor Theodore Hill’s study; the University of Chicago’s refusal to defend Professor Rachel Fulton Brown from scurrilous attack led by a Brandeis professor; and the rush to give NYU Professor Avital Ronell a free pass for having harassed and sexually assaulted a gay graduate student.

These four cases have received a fair amount of attention—to the degree that I can name them without having to explain the details. For those who need a prompt to keep the cases in mind:

  • Littman showed that some teenagers’ claims to trans-sexuality were likely influenced by the desire to win popularity with their in-groups.
  • Hill offered a mathematical model to explain why males are so much more variable than females.
  • Brown believes medieval studies should focus on medieval Europe, an opinion which her critics say makes her a racist.
  • Ronell is a celebrated leftist literary theorist, which her defenders say absolves her culpability in her sexual exploitation of her former graduate student.

Political correctness continues to explore new frontiers. The common theme in these four cases is the supreme confidence of the academic left. It quashes any views it dislikes without a moment’s hesitation and feels little call to explain or justify its actions. Rather, it relies on the readiness of the academy at large to applaud the effort to keep thinkers-of-dangerous-thoughts in their cages.

  • Littman’s dangerous thought is that some self-identified trans-sexual individuals may not have been “born that way.”
  • Hill’s dangerous thought is that male virtuosity in some intellectual realms might have a biological basis.
  • Brown’s dangerous thought is that Western civilization has a legitimate claim to attention in its own right.
  • Ronell’s accuser, Nimrod Reitman, offered the dangerous thought that a feminist icon could also be a sexual predator.

Things are bad. But they could be worse. At least we aren’t living in Canada.

Freedom, Eh?

The Canadian case of the moment involves a tenured associate professor of psychology at Acadia University in Nova Scotia. Professor Rick Mehta was suddenly fired from his position on August 31. The stated reason, provided to Professor Mehta in a letter from President Peter Ricketts, was: “failure to fulfill [his] academic responsibilities, unprofessional conduct, breach of privacy, and harassment and intimidation of students and other members of the University community.”


What did Mehta do? Did he denounce hockey as a sport inferior to American baseball? Did he declare personal opposition to Canada’s tariff protections of its dairy industry?

No, rather, he described multiculturalism as a “scam.” Multiculturalism might be described as the official state religion of Canada, and Canadian universities as its schools of theology. The courage to call it out as a scam testifies that Professor Mehta must be a man of rare character. Let me say at once that I have never met him or even corresponded with him, and it is possible that he holds other opinions from which I would recoil in horror. But his stand on multiculturalism all by itself commands respect.

It is a stand that goes beyond that one word “scam.” He is accused as well of “denying the wage gap between men and women and dismissing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a vehicle for ‘endless apologies and compensation.’” The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, for readers below the 49th parallel, was a body created in 2008 by the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement to make things right with the native peoples of the country. It issued its final report in 2015, which includes 95 “calls to action” on many matters, from child welfare to indigenous languages. It is, in essence, a charter for permanent grievance by Canada’s native people against the descendants of all European immigrants.


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Posted 13 September 2018 - 12:54 PM

Oh look at that! Tenure means you can take controversial positions as long as those controversial positions are agreed upon by the orthodoxy of the religion of Gaia. The second you offend pope al gore or any of his arch bishops you are then excommunicated and learn that tenure is a lie. How refreshing.

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Posted 22 September 2018 - 12:02 PM

What exactly is tenure and is it similar to having benefits for teachers who get paid higher amount than should? It would be provided that the teacher or professor would be the one that is benefiting?

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