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Carlton B. Goodlett, Handservant to Evil, Honored in San Francisco Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 12:48 AM


Carlton B. Goodlett, Handservant to Evil, Honored in San Francisco

To this day, a prominent public square is named for the doctor who, even after the massacre in Guyana, boosted Jim Jones.

In September, San Francisco removed a statue near the public library depicting a Native American laying at the feet of a Spanish cowboy and a Catholic missionary. The city’s Historic Preservation Committee voted unanimously to remove the “Early Days” display. The Arts Commission dubbed the 2,000-pound sculpture “disrespectful, misleading, and racist” in unanimously voting to censor it.

Anyone looking at the “Early Days” void, with back toward Hyde Street, glimpses another questionable public honor, Carlton B. Goodlett Place, the street that gives city hall its address.
Goodlett, a pediatrician and newspaper publisher who once called San Francisco “one of the most racist cities in America,” surely would have applauded the removal of the 124-year-old statue. But after Goodlett’s ignominious role in the most horrific tragedy in San Francisco history, why would the city honor him by placing his name on its most prominent address?
A friend, booster, benefactor, and business partner of Jim Jones, Goodlett enthusiastically promoted Peoples Temple as a force for good and Jonestown as an idyllic community even when Bay Area newspapers other than his own presented overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In researching Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco, I found archived documents showing that Goodlett eclipsed even Willie Brown and Harvey Milk in heaping uncritical, fawning praise on Jones.

The rest of it

Gads. Just gads.

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 06:36 PM

Somewhat related, given the date (In 40 years, it will be the 40th anniversary of "Jonestown")...

Drinking the Kool-Aid: Remember When Jim Jones Was a Hero to Democrats?
Willie Brown, Walter Mondale, and Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter ranked high among his supporters.

By Daniel J. Flynn
October 15, 2018 6:30 AM

Full story on National Review

...Jim Jones, borrowing a concept from Huey Newton, called the mass murder of more than 900 member of the Peoples Temple in Guyana 40 years ago “revolutionary suicide.” His indoctrinated followers regarded their nihilistic coda a political act. One of the willing suicide cases announced on the death tape, “No other way I would rather go than to give my life for socialism, Communism, and I thank Dad very, very much.”

But the first draft of history depicted the political fanatics as Christian fanatics, despite the group’s explicit atheism and distribution of Bibles in Jonestown for bathroom use. The words “fundamentalist Christianity” were used in a New York Times article to describe Jones’s preaching. The Associated Press called the dead “religious zealots.” Specials on CBS and NBC at the time neglected to mention the Marxism that animated Peoples Temple.

Beyond the ideology that inspired Peoples Temple’s demise, the media whitewashed the politicians who aided and abetted them.

Learning that San Francisco mayor George Moscone appointed Jim Jones to the city’s Housing Authority Commission, a body of which he quickly became chairman, piqued my curiosity, which led to my writing Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco. This revelation, particularly shocking in light of the fate of his tenants in Jonestown, led me to come across this: Willie Brown, who would become the speaker of the California State Assembly and then mayor of San Francisco, compared Jim Jones to Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Harvey Milk described Jonestown as “a beautiful retirement community” helping to “alleviating the world food crisis.” California lieutenant governor Mervyn Dymally actually made a pilgrimage to Jonestown that led to a gushing reaction typical of ideological tourists.

The politically inspired delusions of San Francisco Democrats proved contagious. Jimmy Carter’s running mate, Walter Mondale, met with Jim Jones in San Francisco in 1976. Carter’s wife, Rosalynn, found Jones so impressive that she campaigned with him, ate with him, allowed him to introduce her during a campaign speech, telephoned him, and put him in touch with her sister-in-law, Ruth Carter Stapleton. Friends in high places suppressed investigations in the United States, misled officials in Guyana into dismissing allegations against the lunatic in their midst, and biased State Department hands into siding with Jones in his fight with outraged relatives of the captives in his concentration camp...


I take one or two issues with the author's depiction, more on that later.

I've mentioned before my parent's connection to 'People's Temple', but it would be incorrect to call them 'survivors'; they were never-wents. They were part of the original People's Temple in Indianapolis BEFORE Jones moved they whole thing to 'frisco and later Guyana.

How could he Scam so many politicos? I have a theory: All politicians are BS-artists at heart. Some are more extreme at it than others; let's call them "Democrats". The problem with being TOO good of a BS artist is that you begin to think that you SO good at it that you're immune to anyone else's BS.... which was EXACTLY what Jones exploited in these politicians, er, 'marks'.

Jones was good, in that way. Second to none. (I've met him, tho I was a kid at the time but a precocious kid.) He filled the room with his presence. And it wasn't that he "sucked all the oxygen out of the room" with his presence; It was more like ADDING oxygen to the room to where you felt just giddy in his presence. I've never met anyone else like that.

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