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  Posted 07 January 2019 - 03:51 PM

The Ruling Class Redefines Character for Donald Trump

By Steve McCann
January 7, 2019


The Democrats, the media and the NeverTrump Republicans have thus far been unable to marginalize Donald Trump, despite utilizing the tried-and-true tactic of incessantly fomenting faux scandals directed at a sitting Republican president. Further, and unique to Trump, the appointment of a dogged and nakedly partisan special counsel within the first five months of his presidency has failed to produce any evidence of criminal wrongdoing or Russian collusion.

Thus, the NeverTrump faction of the nation's elites have now adopted a new strategy: bemoaning his lack of "character and civility" as the basis of claiming that Trump is the worst President in American history and thus should either resign or, at the least, not seek or be re-elected.

Their definition of "character and civility," as it applies to this President, revolves around his lack of sophistication and erudition, his speech patterns and temperament, his incessant use of social media as well as assigning crude nicknames to his opponents, and lastly, his insistence on being who he really is and not hiding behind a conventional political fašade. His tenacity in opposing the Left and their nation destroying agenda and empathy with and concern for the common man is discounted and demeaned.

How has mankind fared over the past one hundred years when men of character and civility acceptable to todays self-styled elites oversaw the fate of their nations?

The First World War mercifully came to an end on November 11, 1918. It was a war that could have been easily avoided if the leaders of Britain, France, Austria-Hungary and Germany had chosen to search for a political solution instead of rushing head first into a war they secretly desired. The leaders of these nations were all men who were articulate, sophisticated, and well-educated but none had any empathy for those they were about to send into the charnel house that was World War I.

Fifty million people died or were wounded during the four years of the war (14 million military deaths and 13 million civilian deaths). Additionally, this avoidable fiasco set the stage for a blood-soaked century littered with the bodies of over 120 million men, women and children.

Germany of the 1920's turned to its men of character and civility in an effort to rebuild and institute a Democracy. They failed miserably as they did not understand nor were willing to face down the growing radical ideology in their nation or demand and negotiate relief from the stringent conditions imposed on the nation by their former foes in the war. Among those on the left was Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Workers Party.

In 1933, the Nazi Party was still in the minority in the Reichstag; however, Franz von Papen (Chancellor) and Paul von Hindenburg (President) offered Hitler the Chancellorship in the belief that he was a political neophyte and could be easily controlled. Both von Papen and von Hindenburg were men of sterling character and civility as defined by today's standard; nonetheless they had no core convictions or determination to understand and counter the threat of the radicals and no empathy with the average German citizen. Hitler assumed dictatorial power within a year.

In 1936, in direct violation of the Versailles and Locarno treaties, Hitler, with a shell of a military, unilaterally marched into the Rhineland. The governments of France and Great Britain, both of whom were staffed by men of impeccable refinement and education, stood idly by believing Hitler would surely be satisfied with just reclaiming this German speaking region. They did nothing when just the threat of action would have deterred Hitler.

In 1938, France and its Prime Minister Edouard Daladier and Great Britain and its Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Pact believing Hitler could be trusted to abide by its terms.

Full Story

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Posted 07 January 2019 - 04:17 PM


"Character" is giving your word, then doing it. Not much more needs to be said.

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