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  Posted 14 April 2019 - 07:01 AM

What Is Socialism?

By Allen Gindler
April 14, 2019


The word socialism has been around for quite a while. It would seem that everything should already be transparent with the meaning of this word. Alas, every new generation of troubled hearts constantly refers back to the notion of socialism in an attempt to excavate more sense out of the concept than has already been revealed theoretically, practically, and historically.

The modern meaning of socialism often runs along the lines that it is a politico-economic theory in which the means of production, wealth distribution, and exchange are supposed to be owned and regulated by the community as a whole. The above-mentioned characterization of socialism emphasizes its important economic features; however, it cannot be considered a comprehensive definition. The wording implies a narrow understanding of socialism from the point of view of materialist and positivist currents of socialism but does not fully encompass features exhibited in anti-materialist, anti-Cartesian, and Kantian members of the socialist family.

What is the purpose of socialism? The great minds of antiquity often dreamed of a community or state that would be the epitome of fairness, justice, and prosperity. Such objectives could be traced to religious texts, folklore, mythology, and the earliest philosophical tractates.

The ancient Hellenic philosopher Plato described in his "Politeia" how the essence of the ideal state is "worthy of the gods." He envisioned a perfect society ruled by philosophers who did not have private possessions or families in order to eliminate any temptations from personal enrichment and distraction from public affairs. In his imaginary state, it is not the individual who has the real value, but the human society; thus, he advocated for complete subordination of the individual to the collective. The latter condition is nothing more than the collectivization of consciousness.

Plato crystallized a picture of the fair and harmonized human society, which had not been and could not be created by societal evolution, thus it had to be built according to a predetermined plan. This plan included such measures as abolishing private property, collectivizing individuals, governing through elites, and raising the moral foundations of society. Remarkably, many generations of prominent socialists, including Karl Marx himself, recognized Plato's description as the genuine socialistic society and entertained ideas of incorporating some of his provisions, including the most controversial ones, into their own theoretical works.

Since Plato's celebrated work, the development of socialist thoughts has revolved around two main subjects of socialization: private property and consciousness.

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Posted 14 April 2019 - 08:22 AM

1 Word.
Enslavement. T
hat's what marxists sign up for. Ownership of mind body and soul and all the benefits derived from that. Maybe we should start calling them what they really are Platoist Regressive's. There is nothing Progressive about a theory of government control that goes back to the BC era.


Socialism is a set of artificial socio-economic systems that embody a lofty aspiration of people to achieve a just and prosperous society, which is characterized by a degree of socialization of property and consciousness, scales of economic planning, and wealth redistribution and imposed onto the community by the revolutionary or governmental elites without the consent of the population.

Key takeaway, there is no consent of the governed it is IMPOSED through the use of force. Which is the only way to impose anything on anyone. Thus the need to remove guns from private ownership. As a LEO when I approach any law enforcement situation I must be able to respond with force to impose the will of the state. Usually justified as Lawful use of force, until it goes beyond the consent of the governed. Understand just showing up in a community provided vehicle marked for enforcement and a uniform is a use of force. The only way Platoist Regressive's can get their will is through the use of extreme force because a large segment of the population will decline their vision of utopia.

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Posted 14 April 2019 - 08:23 AM

In other words, slavery.

Society would be run by old white guys (like Bernie) who would get their harem of concubines (like AOC and Ilhan Omar) for their pleasure, while the rest of society would not have rights to try to fulfill their own individual desires.

Why young people donít get this, I just donít understand.

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