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  Posted 03 June 2019 - 09:56 AM

John Huber Took Us for a Ride

By Daniel John Sobieski
June 3, 2019


Over a year ago, I asked in this space whether U.S. attorney John Huber could impartially and fully investigate FISA court abuses and other matters in which his boss, Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein, was up to his eyeballs. In "Can Huber Investigate His Boss Rosenstein?," I asked:

While it is reassuring to note that A.G. Jeff Sessions has climbed down from the back side of the milk carton, where his missing visage had been hiding, long enough to appoint Utah U.S. attorney John Huber to independently investigate claims of FBI abuses in surveilling the Trump campaign and other matters, one question remains. Can he investigate the commission of his boss, Rod Rosenstein's, of a fraud upon the FISA court by signing a FISA warrant application that relied on a fake British-Russian dossier financed by Team Hillary and the DNC?

Turns out he didn't investigate anything, according to A.G. William Barr in his recent interview with CBS. Huber was "dumber" to Sessions's "dumb":

JAN CRAWFORD: Um, what's the status of Huber's investigation in Utah? I think the former Attorney General Sessions had asked him to look at this.

WILLIAM BARR: Right, so Huber had originally been asked to take a look at the FISA applications and the electronic surveillance but then he stood back and put that on hold while the Office of Inspector General was conducting its review, which would've been normal for the department. And he was essentially on standby in case Mr. Horowitz referred a matter to him to be handled criminally. So he has not been active on this front in recent months and so Durham is taking over that to Hillary Clinton. Those are winding down and hopefully we'll be in a position to bring those to fruition.

JAN CRAWFORD: So he won't be involved in this really at all then?


JAN CRAWFORD: This is his role, it's done?


JAN CRAWFORD: And now Durham is going to pick up —

WILL BARR: Yes, right.

U.S. attorneys tasked to investigate possible crimes do not defer to inspectors general and cool their heels unless they're protecting someone. Was Huber circling the airport using the I.G. investigation just as an excuse not to pursue and thereby protect Rod Rosenstein, who signed the last FISA application?

Full Story

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