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Posted 15 April 2003 - 08:22 AM



Europe Knows More about War and Terrorism than the U.S.
Don't know anything about war? WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq. We know enough about war to have saved Europe! Don't know anything about terrorism? What do you call 3,000 deaths on 9/11!


"I think America has no experience with terrorism or even with war. In Europe, we know a little bit more about these things."

Source: Mirror.co.uk

Then Where Are the Mexican Terrorists?


"The war against terrorism is bound up with the war against poverty."

Source: NYDailynews.com

Is That Because He Enjoyed a Little Sax Every Now and Then in the Oval Office?
Introducing Bill Clinton at pre-Grammy bash on February 23, 2003:


"[Bill Clinton is] more of a rock star than any in this room."

Source: NYDailynews.com

Blaming the Rich for Other's Poverty and Illness
The age old, beautiful song, Ave Maria, was sung with re-written lyrics by Bono at the Pavorrotti concert. The U2 site lists this as "Bono's version." For the original lyrics, click here.

His translation, as heard on the news:


Ancestors Maria, where is the justice in this world
Do much noise, the richest are indifferent create poor and
incredible illnesses while the poor stay in misery and still the richest sleep calm.
Where it is the justice?

Source: U2log.com

Bono Wages War
U2 frontman Bono has threatened to wage a campaign of civil disobedience if wealthy countries fail to combat world poverty.
Speaking in Dublin at the launch of the United Nations' Human Development Report, the singer said he was ready to "get very noisy".


"The people I represent - the activists from my community - will take a very, very different tack in the next few years if these trends are to continue in Africa," he said.

"We will make a much more aggressive campaign," he continued.

"I for one am taking off my suit. I am ready to march with my activist friends in campaigns of civil disobedience.

"We are about to get very noisy, we are about to bang a lot of dustbin lids.

"This issue is the defining issue of our time and some of us are ready to really work on it."

Bono added that it made him ill and nervous to hear people describe the issues highlighted in the report as charity.


"We never argued debt relief as a charity issue, we argued it as a justice issue," he said.

Source: UK.News.launch.yahoo.com

How to find contact information... RightNation.US

His Work:

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