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Introduction to RightNation.US for New Users

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Posted 28 August 2004 - 02:10 PM

Welcome to RightNation.US, America's favorite online conservative community! To best enjoy your visits here, please read the following helpful information. After reading this general introduction, you can find answers to specific questions in our F.A.Q. and Help Files.

What is RightNation.US?

We are first and foremost a community of people who generally share conservative principles and values. We don't agree on everything, but who would want that?

Our members are mostly from the United States of America, the greatest nation in the history of the world. But, we also have many like-minded members from other countries. We come together here to discuss current events and build friendships.

We do two things differently than other online discussion forums: we strive for relatively civil conversation, and we welcome differing opinions. This results in the finest conservative-based, political exchanges you'll find on the Internet. If you cannot converse civilly and intelligently, if you are a bigot, racist or otherwise intolerant, or if you are truly anti-American (as opposed to liberal), this site is not for you.

Please read our Community Guidelines for further information on our rules of conduct.

The Elements of RightNation.US

News: Our home page. The "Latest News" column lists the latest headlines of articles that are being discussed in our forum. The "Other New Topics" list other discussion threads that are not based upon a news article. The "Hot Topics" column lists discussion topics that are receiving a lot of attention.

Forum: The discussion forum is the heart of our site. Here, registered members make an average of 2,500 posts a day, partaking on conversations in the areas of politics, war, society, entertainment, general chit chat and much more. Different user group levels allow a person to access various forums and functions. To understand the various user groups, please read "What do all the various user groups mean?"

Righters' Blog: This is a blog written by some of the finest writers found right here in our own community. Generally, there will be a new blog published each weekday.

You do not need to be registered to read the main forums, so take a look and see if it is something that interests you. However, we have many other fun forums like Chit Chat, Jokes, Wacky Images, Get-togethers, and more that will become visible when you register.

Registration will also allow you to reply to topics in the Main forums. You will only be able to post replies at a rate of once per hour for the first 10 posts, after which time the "throttle" will be lifted. This gives us a chance to make sure you are not here to disrupt the forum.

If you would like to register, just complete our quick registration. You can read more about the benefits of registering here.

But--very important--before you decide to post, please read our Community Guidelines. If you wish to post any articles it is imperative that you read, "How to Properly Post News Articles". Note: only those in the Community Supporter user group may post articles that will appear on the News page.

The core group of people in the discussion forum are what we call Community Supporters. These are people that have donated to the site and receive the full array of site privileges. To learn more, please read, "Why Become a Community Supporter".

Hollywood Halfwits: This site was originally called Hollywood Halfwits. It began in February 2003 just prior to the Liberation of Iraq. I was so incensed (and amused) by what the Hollywood crowd was saying about Bush and America, that I began the site to chronicle their quotes and antics. The site has since evolved into what you see today, but clicking on the link for Hollywood Halfwits will give you access to it all.

Store: Various conservative gear. Take a look; there are some fun items in there.

Getting Started
So, what is the best way to get started? Here is my suggestion:

1. Register an account with us. It only asks for your email address and a user name. Period. Your information is safe with us. (Use a valid and permanent e-mail address. Upon registration you will be sent a "validation e-mail" with a link you'll click to complete your registration.)

2. Read the forums for a while to get to know the etiquette and general flow of things here.

3. Read the Community Guidelines completely. Also, familiarize yourself with the user groups. In fact, read all the Help Files.

4. Post your thoughts in existing topics and join in the conversations. You'll be at an initial limit of one post per hour until you have made 10 posts.

5. Begin new topics of interest to you. Make sure you post them in the appropriate forums. Please note that only Community Supporters may post new topics in the MAIN category of forums.

6. Have fun with all your new friends!!!

7. Consider becoming a Community Supporter. Why does this require a donation? We strive to have the finest conservative discussion on the Internet. This means we have to control the troublemakers who come online just to disrupt our community. The easiest way to do this is to ask for a small financial donation, which weeds out those who are not serious about being a part of this wonderful community. Take a look at the postings made by our Community Supporters and I think you'll see that these are the types of people with which you want to be friends.

8. Read How to Properly Post News Articles. Begin contributing news stories to our News page!

Thanks for checking us out!

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