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Something Very Important Happened Yesterday That Has The D.C.
Trump To Nominate Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie To Become
Texas high school shooting leaves 8-10 dead, 1 suspect in custody, 1 d
To Know Muhammad Is to Know Islam
A grim spectacle: The left fully revealed
Richard Pipes dies: A scholar who changed the world
Robert Mueller’s Flock Shooting Fiasco
Obama’s Deep State Plant In Trump Campaign Was Bill Clinton Classmate
‘Don’t Buy It. It’s Bad’: Kim Strassel Breaks Down NYT’s Attempt To
The Grotesque Spectacle of Michelle Goldberg Throwing Up Her Hate
Millennial Conservative Candace Owens Ignites Snowflake Meltdown Natio
Pack Of Wiener-Type Dogs Maul Oklahoma Woman To Death
Trump Asks Sessions To Look Into Prosecuting Oakland Mayor Who Warned
Erdogan accuses Israel of 'genocide' over Gaza deaths
Don’t Blame Trump For The Violence At The Gaza Border
Ballgame: Democrat Mark Warner Endorses Gina Haspel For CIA Chief
Mueller Indicted A Russian Company That Didn't Exist
Mueller May Have A Conflict — And It Leads Directly To a Russian
Top Israeli football team adds 'Trump' to their name in honour
Sunday Schadenfreude: Kimmel surrenders
The 'Election Collusion' Was between Our Intelligence Communit
Did The FBI Have A Spy In The Trump Campaign?
North Korea reveals it will destroy its nuclear test site
Starbucks: Bathrooms Open To Everyone After 2 Black Men Arrested
Kansas cheerleaders punished for alleged naked hazing incident
Accused stalker sent 65,000 texts to man
Miami man made nearly 100 million robocalls
Soros Funds Anti-Trump PAC That Will Target Battleground States
California Bureaucrats Will Soon Require Solar Panels On New Homes:
Lawmakers weigh Plan B to protect Mueller's work
Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great
Former FBI Director Comey Consulted With Mueller On Russia Testimony
Chairman Nunes And Gowdy Meet With DOJ, FBI And ODNI To Discuss
Despite the Media, Trump Pulling Down Wins for We the People
Immigration Court Backlog Soars As Trump Cleans Up After Obama
Mayor Fires 5 Cops Because They Arrested Drunk Drivers
2 Polls Indicate Big Surge For Netanyahu’s Likud After Trump’s Iran
American Hostages Held in North Korea are Officially on Thei
Was Plato a Trump-Supporter?
Florida ed officials lied about Parkland shooter's involvement in
Karl Marx: Talking Points for Deplorables
George Deukmejian dead at 89, public safety and law-and-order dominate
Trump Withdraws From Iran Deal, Reimposes 'Highest Level' Of
CBO: April was best month in history for U.S. budget
Four Women Accuse New York’s Attorney General Of Physical Abuse

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People in small towns, rural areas happier than everyone else (19)

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Church sign [says] 'black folks need to stay out of white churches (64)

County cracks down on free popcorn in hardware stores (37)

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How Milmaukee Wisconsin proves it's not a gun laws issue. (7)

Lucas Glover's wife arrested for domestic violence; reportedly att (14)

Off-Duty Cop Fatally Shoots Gunman At Her Kids' School: VIDEO (24)

Wisconsin police department congratulates high school students on pran (3)

Franklin Roosevelt and the Jews (11)

Tom Wolfe, novelist and pioneer of New Journalism, dies at 88 (24)

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Disgraced Ex-Rep. Blake Farenthold Says He Won't Pay Back Taxpayer (8)