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Nicaraguan socialist dictator Daniel Ortega looks set for his Ceausesc
Was the Starbucks Incident a Setup?
FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Mil
Rand Paul Sees ‘Fellow Soulmate’ In Trump On Foreign Policy
Can This Millennial Mayor Make Universal Basic Income a Reality?
Trump's revenge: U.S. oil floods Europe, hurting OPEC and Russia
Congressmen Who Questioned Zuckerberg Received $641,685 From Face
The great exodus out of America’s blue cities
Plan to split California from the US gets a second chance
CBO Projects: GDP Headed To 15-Year High
Sanders to announce proposal promising jobs to all Americans
GOP Chairmen Say They Have Deal With Justice On Documents
Alfie Evans granted Italian citizenship in life support legal row
At least nine killed as van strikes pedestrians in Toronto
China Syndrome
Mike Pompeo's confirmation battle
Gay marriage and the Pompeo debate
Chipping Away at the Second Amendment
Cops used dead man's finger in attempt to unlock his phone
Wisdom and the Smartest People Ever
The Decline of American Exceptionalism
DNC Reveals Their Future Victory Plans Including Reparations (Of Cours
Finland pulls the plug on guaranteed basic income experiment
Dems running scared in California?
#Nevertrumps confront their biggest terror: Trump Making America Great
Devin Nunes Tonight – Discusses Comey, McCabe And Ongoing Struggles
Fireworks Erupt As Former Secret Service Agent Shreds Clinton Aide
Comey And McCabe, Once Strong Defenders Of Each Other, Stake Out
NY Times: Candidates 'embracing' socialist label in 2018
Are Republicans Draining or Filling the Swamp?
Mukasey: Obama Wanted Clinton Cleared To Avoid Being Linked To Her
Clinton's Donors Could Still Face An Investigation Over
Top House Dem: Comey Memos Could Kill Russia Probe, Ensnare Deputy AG
Meadows Sees ‘Growing Body of Evidence’ Comey Lied On Clinton Probe
Senate Republicans Willing To Defy Mitch McConnell On Bill To Protect
Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump's Legal Team
GOPers Urge Sessions, Wray To Probe Clinton, Top FBI And DOJ Officials
WaPo Editorial Board To Democrats: Don't Play Games, Confirm Mike
Scalise Allies Upset Over Ryan Blindside On McCarthy Endorsement
Gorsuch Sides With Liberal Justices in Immigration Ruling
Michael Cohen’s third client revealed as Fox News host Sean Hannity
Wells Fargo Bucks The Trend: Will Not Implement Anti-Gun Policy
US pastor Brunson goes on trial in Turkey after arrest in coup crackdo
3 Cases to Watch as the Supreme Court Begins to Wrap This Term
Jim Jordan for speaker next year? He wants GOP focused on THIS year

Mulvaney to bankers: Your input will help limit consumer bureau's (4)

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Viral picture: Teens playing basketball stop game, kneel for funeral p (5)

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Liberal Civil War (6)

Are Teachers More Dangerous Than Mass Murderers? (21)

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Waffle House suspect Travis Reinking deemed himself a 'sovereign c (60)

Penn State's 98-Year-Old Outing Club Is No Longer Allowed to Go Ou (10)

Donald Trump considering pardon for boxing legend Jack Johnson (3)

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Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million Voters by 2018 (Merged) (11)

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How Drug Marketing Influences Prescriptions (11)

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Mother who left her four kids under 12 home alone with a gun while she (5)

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