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  1. This is from 2011's Left Turn by Tim Groseclose:


    If President Trump gets re-elected tomorrow, it will be because of clarity. And not the way the learned Professor Groseclose prescribes in later in this chapter. Instead of journalists getting to know the places in America where the true political center resides, journalists will have been completely exposed for the biased activists they are. There will be a few center-right media figures partially responsible, but the vast majority of the work will have been done by the President himself.

    How long will that clarity last? Who knows? No matter what happens, the left-wing media will not change. All hopes of that happening vanished four years ago. No one will be chastened who will not accept reproach. Never-Trumpers like Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg will not be chastened, so how much harder are the hearts of media types who never even pretended to be conservative? And if Trump loses, the commanding heights belong to them. They'll fight over it eventually, but it'll be the commanding heights of a different country. They think it will be like before, but it won't.

    President Trump removed the glass.

    My Mind is Clean


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    Community Guidelines (Rules!)

    It is your responsibility to read and understand our rules of conduct for this web site.


    Abusive posts and insults based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and other personal attributes will not be tolerated.

    You may not make personal attacks on other members either in public forums, private messages or through our email system. This even includes non-swearing name-calling if it is excessive.

    Using the name or image of another member in the topic title/description of a post, in your signature, as an avatar or in your posts in a demeaning way is considered an attack and is not permitted.

    You may not use profanity. Our profanity filters are enabled and circumventing them may result in an edit/deletion of your post.

    Threats of physical violence or death are taken seriously, and your ISP and local law enforcement authorities will be notified.

    Gossiping about other members is not permitted.

    Trolling or junk posting is not permitted.

    Graphic (i.e. severed heads, aborted fetuses), lewd and pornographic images are not permitted.

    Posting the contents of a PM or e-mail is not permitted.

    Stalking another member is not permitted. This includes following a member from topic to topic and constantly attacking him or her.

    Constant complaining about how the board is run is not permitted. This includes constant complaining to other members, whether through PM, posts or the chat room.

    The following are not permitted as members:


    Religious bigots


    Mentally unstable people

    Anyone that the site owner does not like

    (In general, those whose postings show a tendency to magnify the negatives, while minimizing the positives of the government, policies, traditions, principles, aims, military and people of the United States of America.  In addition, a single post can be enough to indicate anti-Americanism: i.e., comparing Bush to Hitler, siding with our enemies, blaming the U.S. for 9-11, thinking Barbra Streisand’s words are brilliant, etc.)

    Our Policy on Liberals

    Most political sites that cater to either the left or the right do not allow strong voices of dissenting opinions from the other side. For example, the Democratic Underground makes no bones about banning conservatives immediately.  RightNation.US believes this makes for a rather boring, non-stimulating discussion forum, with everyone just making fun of the other side and backslapping each other.  Conversely, here, it is precisely because we know the other side is so very wrong, that we enjoy entering into debate with them.

    So, we welcome liberals. But, we only welcome those that understand that they have been invited as guests, not residents, into a very conservative neighborhood. It is not a neighborhood that they can attempt to take over and not one whose community life they can disrupt.

    We welcome reasoned and even heated debate, but we do not welcome any America-haters, over-zealous ridiculing of our conservative beliefs or conservative icons, intentional taunting, over-posting of repetitive points, persistent posting of accusations without backing them up with rational arguments, thread hijacking and other behavior disruptive to our forum.

    Is this fair? No, not really. But, it’s probably the most open policy you will find in a partisan web site that still manages to maintain order and civility.

    Important Note to conservatives: We will not allow malicious personal attacks on those liberals who attempt to be reasonable and play by the rules. Let us enter into intelligent debate with them instead.


    Signature images may not be larger than roughly 600w x 200h pixels, or in the judgment of administration otherwise hog attention on the page. If your signature exceeds the allotted size or is deemed unacceptable, you will be requested to resize or replace it. Text signature must also adhere to the height limitation.

    Avatars: A member may claim exclusive use of an uploaded (not from our own set of in-house avatars) avatar if he was the first member to use it here, and is still active. If the avatar is a copyrighted image, the owner of the image can at any time claim exclusive use, or demand it be removed from any member.

    Titles: Custom titles cannot be created with the intent to confuse readers that the user is another real individual. Rules of etiquette also apply here.

    Personal Contact Information: Under no circumstances can anyone post personal addresses and phone numbers of anyone.  This includes celebrities. Nor do we support or endorse anyone's decision to do this outside of the forum.


    Spamming is not permitted.

    Blatant promotion of companies, products or web sites is not permitted.

    Consistent inclusion of a link for the purposes of promotion of competing companies, products or web sites is not allowed in either post body or signature.

    Posting Articles

    When posting copyrighted material (such as newspaper articles), please do NOT quote the entire article. Post a few paragraphs and LINK to the subject article.

    Defying Administration

    Defying administration or the moderators is not allowed, regardless of what you feel about it.

    Warnings and Banning

    We reserve the right to warn or ban any member who violates our guidelines, disrupts our community or is disagreeable to the site owner.

    Religion Forum Rules

    All faiths are welcomed and have a voice. Please understand that most every statement made in this forum are opinions -- no matter how loudly some may scream or feel they are right. They are opinions.  State your opinions without violating our board rules, and extend to others the same courtesy and respect by allowing them to state theirs. There is no doubt that some opinions will make you angry.  Those are the times when you must exercise restraint.  If you are rolling your eyes or feel I am asking too much, this is not the forum for you.  You will eventually be banned from there. Spare everyone the drama.  Don't visit.

    Religious bigots, gay-bashers, racists, mentally unstable people and anyone who is constantly attacking other members will be banned not only from this forum, but from the site.  


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