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A Clarity Election

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Mr. Naron


This is from 2011's Left Turn by Tim Groseclose:


If President Trump gets re-elected tomorrow, it will be because of clarity. And not the way the learned Professor Groseclose prescribes in later in this chapter. Instead of journalists getting to know the places in America where the true political center resides, journalists will have been completely exposed for the biased activists they are. There will be a few center-right media figures partially responsible, but the vast majority of the work will have been done by the President himself.

How long will that clarity last? Who knows? No matter what happens, the left-wing media will not change. All hopes of that happening vanished four years ago. No one will be chastened who will not accept reproach. Never-Trumpers like Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg will not be chastened, so how much harder are the hearts of media types who never even pretended to be conservative? And if Trump loses, the commanding heights belong to them. They'll fight over it eventually, but it'll be the commanding heights of a different country. They think it will be like before, but it won't.

President Trump removed the glass.

My Mind is Clean


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