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  2. satellite66

    dangerous site warning?

    Thanks I thought that might be it
  3. MTP Reggie

    dangerous site warning?

    It's part of Google/Facebook. They have deemed RN a "hate site". And that filters down to other applications. It's been this way since forever.
  4. satellite66

    dangerous site warning?

    I have Norton on my computer and it randomly tells me that rightnation is a dangerous site not everytime I go to it if I go to another site then go back it is ok Is anyone else having this issue I wonder if it is not a part of the cancel culture?
  5. MTP Reggie

    Posting articles

    It's just a little blurb at this link at the moment. I have asked Lisa to expand on it though. "Posting Articles When posting copyrighted material (such as newspaper articles), please do NOT quote the entire article. Post a few paragraphs and LINK to the subject article."
  6. SARGE

    Posting articles

    What happened to the guidelines/rules for posting articles?
  7. rustinone

    Posting images

    I have recently started posting more often here and have posted some comical images occasionally in response. Recently I tried, but it only lets me post an image that is 10k. It seems every time I posted one, the next one had to be smaller. Thanks
  8. Magic Rat

    • Magic Rat
    • Ladybird

    Hang in there LB!  In spite of our political differences and sometimes heated arguments, you're still one of my favorites!

  9. Ladybird


    It works again.. Thx.
  10. Ladybird


    I still don't see notifications at the top of the page. Actually the last one says Saturday at 04:39. Not a big deal.
  11. Ladybird


    Ok thanks!
  12. Lisa


    Account > Account Settings > Notifications I had to mass clear notifications because my inbox was being flooded with hundreds of bounced emails daily because some choose email notifications. If choosing email notifications, members need to update their email addresses and be sure to clean out their boxes to create room for new mail.
  13. Ladybird


    Mine seems to have disappeared. I tried adjusting settings, but no luck. This started about a day and a half ago.
  14. Rock N' Roll Right Winger

    • Rock N' Roll Right Winger
    • Gable

    what a loser, no life

    gone like a fart in a hurricane

  15. Jim

    • Jim
    • ilja

    Merry Christmas, Ilja! 🎄


    • MontyPython

    Upper right hand corner, should be your name and profile pic in miniature.

    Little down arrow head.

    Click on Account Settings.

    You can edit signatures there.

    1. MontyPython



  17. donsaliman

    • donsaliman
    • +RedSoloCup

    I know more than you think I do.

    I was just getting my view across, and has nothing to do with I do or don't know.

    Look I hate what is going on more than you think, and know there was fraud 

  18. Jax

    This place needs it's own app.

    Tapatalk sort of works as an app for message boards like this.
  19. quixoticconundrum

    This place needs it's own app.

    Again... This place needs it's own app.
  20. Junto

    • +Junto
    • Lisa

    How do I become a MOD so I can protect certain people while allowing others to call a significant portion of this board "F*CKING LOSERS" and face no consequences?  You have a couple MODS here that aren't exactly impartial.  Rules for thee and not for me.

  21. MontyPython


    Hmmm . . . I guess you're not here. Oh well, I'll be going back offline soon. Probably be back later this evening.
  22. MontyPython


    OK, I'm on right now, at 10:26 Pacific Standard Time. Are you here? I'll try that next if this doesn't work. Thanks.
  23. mjperry51


    You might need to delete all Right Nation cookies. . .
  24. MTP Reggie


    Holler at me next time you are on and I will check.
  25. MontyPython


    Ah, hadn't considered that possibility. In the previous format, when I was anonymous I couldn't see my own name. Since I can now see my name, I presumed everybody else could too. Thanks!
  26. MTP Reggie


    Just a guess, but I think you are anonymous. However, your ID is still visible to you and you only.
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