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  2. Ladybird


    I still don't see notifications at the top of the page. Actually the last one says Saturday at 04:39. Not a big deal.
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  4. Ladybird


    Ok thanks!
  5. Lisa


    Account > Account Settings > Notifications I had to mass clear notifications because my inbox was being flooded with hundreds of bounced emails daily because some choose email notifications. If choosing email notifications, members need to update their email addresses and be sure to clean out their boxes to create room for new mail.
  6. Ladybird


    Mine seems to have disappeared. I tried adjusting settings, but no luck. This started about a day and a half ago.
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  9. Rock N' Roll Right Winger

    • Rock N' Roll Right Winger
    • Gable

    what a loser, no life

    gone like a fart in a hurricane

  10. Jim

    • Jim
    • ilja

    Merry Christmas, Ilja! 🎄


    • MontyPython

    Upper right hand corner, should be your name and profile pic in miniature.

    Little down arrow head.

    Click on Account Settings.

    You can edit signatures there.

    1. MontyPython



  12. donsaliman

    • donsaliman
    • +RedSoloCup

    I know more than you think I do.

    I was just getting my view across, and has nothing to do with I do or don't know.

    Look I hate what is going on more than you think, and know there was fraud 

  13. Jax

    This place needs it's own app.

    Tapatalk sort of works as an app for message boards like this.
  14. quixoticconundrum

    This place needs it's own app.

    Again... This place needs it's own app.
  15. Junto

    • +Junto
    • Lisa

    How do I become a MOD so I can protect certain people while allowing others to call a significant portion of this board "F*CKING LOSERS" and face no consequences?  You have a couple MODS here that aren't exactly impartial.  Rules for thee and not for me.

  16. MontyPython


    Hmmm . . . I guess you're not here. Oh well, I'll be going back offline soon. Probably be back later this evening.
  17. MontyPython


    OK, I'm on right now, at 10:26 Pacific Standard Time. Are you here? I'll try that next if this doesn't work. Thanks.
  18. mjperry51


    You might need to delete all Right Nation cookies. . .
  19. MTP Reggie


    Holler at me next time you are on and I will check.
  20. MontyPython


    Ah, hadn't considered that possibility. In the previous format, when I was anonymous I couldn't see my own name. Since I can now see my name, I presumed everybody else could too. Thanks!
  21. MTP Reggie


    Just a guess, but I think you are anonymous. However, your ID is still visible to you and you only.
  22. MontyPython


    I keep trying to sign in anonymously, but it never works. Here's what I do: I sign out, then close all windows. Then open a new window at rightnation.us. I have no trouble getting here, and since I deliberately signed out last time it comes as no surprise that I am required to sign back in. When I do, I make CERTAIN to click the "Anonymous" option, but when it's all done and I'm signed back in, I'm not anonymous. How come?
  23. BrandonInFlorida

    Cannot Post

    Very clear thank you and thank you for the welcome.
  24. MTP Reggie

    Cannot Post

    The group you are currently in by default is "Registered Guest". After ten posts, you move to the "Community Supported Member" group and have fewer restrictions. And of course, if you were to choose to donate, you would immediately move into one of those groups and have essentially no restrictions except for following the rules. The effect of having the two groups below reduces the amount of trolling posts from disruptors, by limiting Registered Guests to one an hour. Welcome to RN! Link Registered Guest New users who have registered. They can view all public forums, but their posting privileges are limited to 1) one post per hour, 2) cannot create new topics or edit posts, and 3) cannot use the IMG tag. (Regrettably, we are forced to do this to have some control over problem posters who come solely to be disruptive.) 4) cannot post in the MORE category of forums. Personal Messaging, Emailing, anything involving a search function or personal profiles is disallowed, as are other benefits given to Community Supporters. Once 10 posts have been made, you will be promoted to a Community-Supported Member. Community-Supported Member This group of users can post replies to any public forum, with no limit; they can create new topics in all forums of the Briefing category. Personal Messaging is activated, but with a very small storage of five messages. Posting images, emailing, anything involving a search function, and viewing other's personal profiles is disallowed, as are other benefits given to Community Supporters.
  25. BrandonInFlorida

    Cannot Post

    I joined yesterday. Immediately after joining, I made one or two posts in existing threads - no more than that. When I tried to make another post, I received a message saying I could not post again for a number of seconds equal to about 43 minutes. Is this normal?
  26. Kilmerfan

    • Kilmerfan
    • MontyPython

    Why are you hassling me? Fox News is the problem not me.

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    2. Kilmerfan


      I am a little grumpy, sorry I flew off the handle.

    3. MontyPython


      Aw that's OK, I'm grumpy this week too. Sorry it seemed I was jumping on you. Forgiven?

    4. Kilmerfan


      Yes sorry

  27. Mr. Naron

    A Clarity Election

    This is from 2011's Left Turn by Tim Groseclose: If President Trump gets re-elected tomorrow, it will be because of clarity. And not the way the learned Professor Groseclose prescribes in later in this chapter. Instead of journalists getting to know the places in America where the true political center resides, journalists will have been completely exposed for the biased activists they are. There will be a few center-right media figures partially responsible, but the vast majority of the work will have been done by the President himself. How long will that clarity last? Who knows? No matter what happens, the left-wing media will not change. All hopes of that happening vanished four years ago. No one will be chastened who will not accept reproach. Never-Trumpers like Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg will not be chastened, so how much harder are the hearts of media types who never even pretended to be conservative? And if Trump loses, the commanding heights belong to them. They'll fight over it eventually, but it'll be the commanding heights of a different country. They think it will be like before, but it won't. President Trump removed the glass. My Mind is Clean
  28. I grew up in Southern Baptist churches, so Premillennial Dispensationalism is deeply ingrained in my belief system. Except I'm not sure I believe it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a brief explanation from Infogalactic Planetary Knowledge Core: My problem is I've never heard a convincing interpretation of what those passages mean. Obviously, tribulations have already happened, but which one was The Tribulation? No one has been able to explain that to me. But the reason I have trouble buying into the view is how it incentivizes withdrawal from society and abdication of the responsibility to build a world for future Christians. Clearly those who built the Christian West did not believe that things were going to get worse and worse before Christ returns. Otherwise, they wouldn't have bothered. Or am I wrong to assume that? Very few, if any, of the Southern Baptists I grew up with used their eschatology as an excuse to live for the moment. They all worked hard to provide for their families. Most were well informed on political issues and favored at least some involvement in the process. The big glaring exception, however, would be culture. Christian culture in the modern era is an embarrassing ghetto. How can you build a future without culture? How could Christians, American Christians especially, let the culture slip away like it has unless they simply don't care about it? And how could they not care about it unless they think it's unimportant given the inevitable erosion described by their eschatology? Now, lest you implode within your own smugness as one who subscribes to a different view, you haven't done any better. The culture is still rotten despite the fact that Premillennial Dispensationalists are a tiny minority. Where have all the smart Christians been? If you understand these things so well, why haven't you built a lasting edifice that would prevent what we're seeing today? None of my questions are rhetorical. My Mind is Clean
  29. Severian

    All Time Greatest Warren Zevon Song

    I never got in the habit of watching any of these kinds of shows. For one, they came on too late when I was a working stiff, for another the whole celebrity sits down to chat thing never grabbed me. There was one, however, that I did enjoy, Alan Havey's Night After Night With Alan Havey. It was unique, Havey is a great comedian, and the show was very low key. There was a cheap desk Havey sat at, one chair for a guest the guests were never big celebrities, just more normal people, and he had an "audience of one," which was a pair of movie theater seats behind velvet ropes where one lone person sat. It was all delightfully low key, relaxed, and funny. But I still couldn't stay up and watch it every night or I'd have always been dead on my feet at work. Damned work gets in the way of my TV viewing.
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