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  2. They don't have to "create an ethno-state." They just have to move their ignorant asses to one of the approximately 47 independent countries in Africa that are already vastly majority black "ethno-states." If somebody did a "go fund me," I bet there would be enough for first class one way tickets for every last one of them in under an hour. I was born white. I was born in the United States. The US is still majority Caucasian and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that just like there is nothing wrong with Chad being overwhelmingly black. I don't discriminate on racial lines in my professional, personal, or spiritual lives. I will not apologize. I will not feel guilty. You, Grand Master Jay, are free to GTFO.
  3. To the city of Seattle: One suggestion.....Self-fornicate.
  4. The only time I put it on is when you have to wear one to get in to someplace I need to go. They aren’t worth a plug nickel.
  5. You have a terrible habit of missing the point -- Federal, State, County, City, whatever. It's about GOVERNMENT overreach. You're mistaken. My rights do not exist at the whim of a collective majority. Keyword is collective, which ignores individual liberty, and exposes your own biases. The Federal Government is not granted the authority in the Constitution to deprive me of my rights, which include individual liberty absent due process. We do not live in a monarchy, dictatorship, or under any other form of government that grants such power. You disagree? Show me in where in the Constitution my liberty can be taken from me absent due process. Show me in the Constitution where a government in the US (Federal, State, whatever) is granted such absolute control over my liberty. Perhaps you should revisit the Declaration of Independence -- this is the very nature of tyranny against which the Colonies rebelled. Remember -- Rights supersede laws. At least that's what the Founders intended. What you describe is pure democracy, which the Founders intentionally avoided. Show me where in the Constitution this authority is granted to the Executive branch alone. Congress has not voted on any laws regarding suspension of civil liberties WRT to the COVID pandemic, and obviously the President has not signed any such legislation. As I have just pointed out there have been no laws passed by Congress or signed into law by the President regarding the suspension of civil liberties, so your question is moot. Weak - about what I would expect from you.
  6. And it won't be racist of them to do so, either...
  7. Ticked@TinselTown

    Liberal PA Gov. Wolf wants mask mandate until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine

    Exactly, because your home is your castle, right? Why would you invite strangers into your primary residence while you're away on vacation? God only knows who they really are and what their motives really are. I have vacationed in condos where the owners put them into the rotation, but those condos were NOT their primary residence and all of their personal items were locked in a closet in the condo. It would have NEVER occurred to me to decide that I didn't want to fly home and to remain living in it. WHO does that? I know, it's rhetorical, but seriously, that kind of mindset is beyond acceptable and the fact that the authorities would not put these people out as soon as the homeowners returned and found out what they were doing is absolutely criminal, as well.
  8. The Twits will give him leeway since the PC police are making an example of Canadian privelege. If Christian Cooper affirms his position that she has suffered enough, the Tw@ts will cancel him.
  9. He has now convinced me that he simply isn't smart enough to recognize when he is wrong and when he has been shown to be wrong. I used to think it was simply being "all in"on his ideology. Now I think it is more akin to a cult-like brainwashing where all he knows is what he is told by his spiritual leaders. I do say "spiritual" leaders because it takes more (ill placed) "faith" to believe all the BS that he believes than it does to believe in divine creation.
  10. So Omar and you are the exact same. Say something stupid, get called on it, go oh woops, and walk it back and say "but thats not what I said!"
  11. As much as I recognize how wrong that is, and how unfair to the homeowner, I just can't help thinking deep down inside: "Oh well, that's what you get for inviting complete strangers into your home."
  12. funny coming from you. You have never responded in a factual way to my posts. You just cherry pick one line at a time, ignore the rest, and name call.
  13. The really biggest thing that I am truly worried about.. it's that the rest of the world will finally be showcased.. the obvious stupidity of the entire democrat party.. and that half.. or even almost half of our country is still able to even consider voting for him. What are his "accomplishments" again, anyways?? Are there any.. other than being the last one still standing.. and maybe not having ended up being shamed.. at the very least.. or better yet.. imprisoned for all the wrongs that he has already done??
  14. Ticked@TinselTown

    Liberal PA Gov. Wolf wants mask mandate until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine

    They've also ran afoul of the people who put their homes in the roster to have these people come in for a vacation. They have had several incidents where the vacationers refuse to leave and claim squatters rights in the home... And in these instances, the authorities will NOT remove them from the premises. When this started happening, alot of people lost their rose colored glasses for the trend, and I don't blame them one iota.
  15. And I'll bet there are many Texans who'd gladly let them have it.
  16. No worries. Never asked for a commitment. You, sir, are free to post as you desire! Cheers.
  17. You know, in this climate, that is the ONLY way to get the attention of these imbeciles. Our forefathers and mothers must be spinning in their collective graves at what we have allowed our society to devolve into: snowflakes and spineless appeasers.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I honestly can't believe it... And thank you!
  20. Let's be honest here. If Biden does choose to debate President Trump, it will be the must watch TV show of the decade. It sounds like he won't be able to get out of a debate, but can you imagine the stipulations and contortions that his camp will put on the debate format and the questions JUST to attempt to control the even from turning into an absolute sh*t show for Joe?
  21. Washington Examiner by Eddie Scarry, Commentary Writer | July 08, 2020 05:07 PM Excerpt: The political gift that the pandemic has been for Joe Biden can't possibly be overstated, and there is no more evidence of that than New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman's latest piece advising him against participating in any of the debates during the general election. I'm old enough to remember 2016 when the national media wondered in a panic whether Donald Trump would skip the general election debates against Hillary Clinton, suggesting he didn't have the nerve to have a face-off with the Democratic nominee. Now here's one of the New York Times's most prominent writers practically begging Biden not to confront Trump. "That is not a good way for Biden to reintroduce himself to the American people," wrote Friedman on Tuesday. "And, let’s not kid ourselves, these debates will be his reintroduction to most Americans, who have neither seen nor heard from him for months if not years." That's quite the endorsement from someone who spends nearly every column telling his readers how awful the president is. How the coronavirus has aided Biden for the many, many weeks that he's benefited is obvious. A freak new pathogen that had no proven treatment or vaccine threw the administration in a spiral at warp speed and caused a national panic that led to the devastating shutdown of a pumping economy that had never been more powerful. Trump was thrown back on his heels, and Biden, basically 6 feet under, got to sit tight and wait, unscathed by scrutiny (outside of that little sexual assault claim that the media eventually decided wasn't too big a deal). Aside from the Democratic convention, that may well be the case for Biden for the entire campaign. Oh, but except he would otherwise be scheduled to perform in the only three times that voters will get to see the nominees side by side — the debates. It's easy to imagine Friedman letting out a Hitchcock-worthy scream when that realization dawned on him. But, of course, Friedman can't say the obvious — that Biden might crater facing off against Trump because he performed miserably in every one of the Democratic primary debates. So instead, Friedman cooked up an excuse the former vice president could use to decline participation. "I worry about Joe Biden debating Donald Trump," wrote Friedman, once again showing the great confidence he has in Biden's candidacy. "He should do it only under two conditions. Otherwise, he’s giving Trump unfair advantages." In order for Biden to agree to a debate, Friedman said, he should demand that Trump release his tax returns and that real-time "fact-checkers" be involved during the event. *snip* Full Commentary
  22. MontyPython

    When will Biden actually run for President?

    I do indeed remember the '68 Dem convention riots. "Won't you please come to Chicago or else join the other side..."
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