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  2. The evidence for this is thin and mostly speculative. And there are reasons to believe that we are undercounting deaths. People that die at home without getting tested aren't being counted. If testing accounted for all of the new cases, the test positivity rate would be going down, not up. 1) Covid-19 usually takes a few weeks to kill people, so there's going to be a delay between more cases leading to more deaths. 2) The average age of people getting infected is going down. 3) Treatments are getting better. Are all the countries in the world that have implemented shut downs also in on this giant conspiracy to defeat Trump? You're channeling info-wars loving posters on this site with this one.
  3. Ticked@TinselTown

    Liberal PA Gov. Wolf wants mask mandate until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine

    Or thrown out of their parents' basement...
  4. A liberal who was mugged...
  5. They'd set it up as a 'remote' televised debate and then there would be a mountain of technical problems that allowed Biden all the air time he wanted while President Trump's feed would have all kinds of malfunctions so he couldn't say anything, respond to anything OR if he was able to do so, it would be broken up to resemble those cherry picked sound bites that the media is so famous for putting out there sans context or the entire statement. Another circus/fiasco in the making.
  6. Yep, run along dummy. You’ve got nothing.
  7. Lol! You are too damn dumb, lazy or dishonest to see it under your very nose. This is why I am done with you.
  8. That's not a rebuttal. Even though your guesses are more reliable than your reasoning.
  9. I addressed every argument you’ve made. So now you have to come up with some other, not already proven false arguments. Saying 21st Amendment protects the sale of alcohol is a false argument, it simply leaves the power to States. So what else you got?
  10. It is in this very thread. Go look for it. If you're too damn dumb to find it, what can I say?
  11. George Floyd had Covid, I doubt anyone but weak, government statisticians would agree it caused his death. Including any agenda driven lefty on this thread. I love it when pet causes conflict.
  12. How? What is your argument that refutes that this is a state power and there are places in US where sale alcohol is permanently banned. You sound straight insane.
  13. You got this wrong again. I proved everything I needed about and your argument. I instructed you to prove me wrong and you failed AGAIN. Pitching a fit like the impotent you are is not going to change that. I'm done with you.
  14. With the Covid-19 mega, mega pandemic killing Americans at record numbers, I doubt Grandpa will debate. It’s not to his or the dems advantage. His advisers will use Covid as the reason not to debate.
  15. gravelrash

    The devil is using the Democratic Party to destroy America

    There is nothing democratic about the Democrat party. They went to plaid a long time ago.
  16. Lunatic nonsense, you proved nothing of the sort. You claimed 21st amendment protects it but it clearly doesn’t. Regulation of alcohol sale is part of state powers, there are locales that forbid sale of alcohol and nothing you said refuted that.
  17. When did he never? you can dish it, but can't take it. Like a typical leftist.
  18. My closest city in the county is dead set on masking the city. Not sure if the order is going to be county wide. This is such an emergency, that they held a meeting last night to vote on masking until next Monday! Splain that one? No you LK anyone. Well, with the knowledge they may mask the entire county, indefinitely, I've been on the phone to realtor's all day. Its no long worth it, just shop a county over, it's time to take my property tax dollars else where if this happens. I'll not wear a mask for anyone, for any reason, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. They can take there face diapers, and shove them.
  19. More flaming horsecrap, I guess that’s just how you roll.
  20. They don't have to "create an ethno-state." They just have to move their ignorant asses to one of the approximately 47 independent countries in Africa that are already vastly majority black "ethno-states." If somebody did a "go fund me," I bet there would be enough for first class one way tickets for every last one of them in under an hour. I was born white. I was born in the United States. The US is still majority Caucasian and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that just like there is nothing wrong with Chad being overwhelmingly black. I don't discriminate on racial lines in my professional, personal, or spiritual lives. I will not apologize. I will not feel guilty. You, Grand Master Jay, are free to GTFO.
  21. To the city of Seattle: One suggestion.....Self-fornicate.
  22. The only time I put it on is when you have to wear one to get in to someplace I need to go. They aren’t worth a plug nickel.
  23. You have a terrible habit of missing the point -- Federal, State, County, City, whatever. It's about GOVERNMENT overreach. You're mistaken. My rights do not exist at the whim of a collective majority. Keyword is collective, which ignores individual liberty, and exposes your own biases. The Federal Government is not granted the authority in the Constitution to deprive me of my rights, which include individual liberty absent due process. We do not live in a monarchy, dictatorship, or under any other form of government that grants such power. You disagree? Show me in where in the Constitution my liberty can be taken from me absent due process. Show me in the Constitution where a government in the US (Federal, State, whatever) is granted such absolute control over my liberty. Perhaps you should revisit the Declaration of Independence -- this is the very nature of tyranny against which the Colonies rebelled. Remember -- Rights supersede laws. At least that's what the Founders intended. What you describe is pure democracy, which the Founders intentionally avoided. Show me where in the Constitution this authority is granted to the Executive branch alone. Congress has not voted on any laws regarding suspension of civil liberties WRT to the COVID pandemic, and obviously the President has not signed any such legislation. As I have just pointed out there have been no laws passed by Congress or signed into law by the President regarding the suspension of civil liberties, so your question is moot. Weak - about what I would expect from you.
  24. And it won't be racist of them to do so, either...
  25. Ticked@TinselTown

    Liberal PA Gov. Wolf wants mask mandate until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine

    Exactly, because your home is your castle, right? Why would you invite strangers into your primary residence while you're away on vacation? God only knows who they really are and what their motives really are. I have vacationed in condos where the owners put them into the rotation, but those condos were NOT their primary residence and all of their personal items were locked in a closet in the condo. It would have NEVER occurred to me to decide that I didn't want to fly home and to remain living in it. WHO does that? I know, it's rhetorical, but seriously, that kind of mindset is beyond acceptable and the fact that the authorities would not put these people out as soon as the homeowners returned and found out what they were doing is absolutely criminal, as well.
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