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An injured soldier

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I work at a local political talk-radio show and on March 3, we interviewed a Sgt. Andrew McMahon for part of our show (the other part was interviewing a Seattle-area state legislator, Eric Oemig-D, about his bill for Washington State to try to get President Bush impeached--what an idiot.) Anyway, he's from our area (Eastern Washington) and he was leading a unit in finding and disarming IEDs. Last weekend. he emailed our hosts and told them that he got caught by an IED and was injured. He has a broken leg and is kind of broken up and, of course, really scraped and burned. I don't personally have his email (although I could get it if anyone wanted it). While he is recuperating in the hospital he also re-upped for a 2nd tour--that's the kind of guy he is. He didn't want to leave his unit while there was still work to be done. I wish you all could have heard the broadcast. Anyway, I'm just asking you all to keep him in your prayers to stay safe and come home to his little family.

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