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Real American Hero

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I found an old friend from high school on Facebook today. Asked him what has happened to him lately and got this back...


hey is tim still in the marines? i retired 2 weeks ago from the army now i am working for DOD


Today at 2:20pm

Hi, just wrote on your wall, right before I saw this. Tim got out in 2006. He's a line manager at the Frito Lay plant here in town now, and going to school to get his BS/Masters in engineering, right now he's leaning toward aeronatical or mechanical, not sure what he wants to do when he grows up :) We've got one little girl, total daddy's girl, whodda thiunk it, Tim loves being a dad. Glad you got out safely. What are you doing with the DOD? Curtis Crawford


Today at 2:33pm

so funny, we must have been typin at the same time. i was trying to go for 26 but i got out in 20. i was with the 101st air-borne division with a rapid anti-terrorism task force unit. our last mission was a mission from hell. out of 39 of my men 7 came home un hurt. i have been shot 3 times and was hit by over a dozen ied's in combat and have 2 purple hearts. i was at walter reed medical in DC recovering on life support. that was little over 2 yrs ago i had to re-learn things all over again. I am now working for DOD dept of defense still in anti-terrorism/ weaponds.I am married have 6 kids & my oldest is working for the FBI. where r u livin? how much more does tim need to go before he is done with deg? I do have the hook up with DOD when he is done. great to hear from you. tell tim hello 4 me. I worked with the Marines in falluaja I was pined down for a bit and they rolled in & we kicked ass.. .. tell tim RANGERS LED THE WAY.:) LOL

Andria Graham


Today at 2:58pm

I just copied your message over to Tim at work... he said...


Cool. Most shocking bit: "...my oldest is working for the FBI". WTH,

did he get someone pregnant graduation day?


"...RANGERS LED THE WAY." We're OK to let the Rangers practice leading

for awhile, but eventually we have to show them where we're actually

going. ;)


One, I can't believe someone my age has a kid working for the FBI, my kid is four.

Two, I can't believe all he's gone through. I want to pick his brain a little, but figured it would be better to sort of firm up our reaquaintance first. But wow, talk about a true hero. And it seems like he's just talking about any other day... no big deal. Just wow. :salute:

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