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Pestering Trump, CREW still shows the hand of David Brock

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Pestering Trump, CREW still shows the hand of David Brock




By Monica Showalter

September 5, 2017






A watchdog group turned by David Brock into an astroturf "watchdog" group has put out a 'narrative' blasting President Trump for wearing a 'U.S.A.' baseball hat at the Houston cleanup effort. They claim that since the hat was sold during President Trump's presidential campaign and can still be bought on its website, Trump's 'U.S.A.' hat represents a dreadful conflict of interest. According to Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit:


And then in the story, the “ethics” group — it’s lefty mouthpiece CREW of course — admits it’s not actually violating any rules, they just don’t like it.


Was there ever a more strained 'narrative' from the rabid Brock branch of the far left? Do they really expect people to buy this and get outraged?


It shows that Brock's still in the smear-and-harass business, but at this point, trying to stay relevant.


According to investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, in her new book, The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think and How You Vote, the master smear artist took over what had been the largely non-partisan watchdog group CREW as chairman of its board of directors in 2014, and then proceded to use it for his own leftist partisan purposes.


On page 107, Attkisson writes:


Brock's strategy wasn't limited to starting his own new groups. In 2014 he took over several notable existing groups, some of which had stronger nonpartisan veneers than anything he'd created. That would lend more mainstream credibility to the narratives he pushed.


Such was the case with Brock's ironic conquest of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington in 2014. CREW is a 501©(3) founded in 2003 to police the ethics of politicians. CREW had tilted left even before Brock's takeover, but nonetheless it had been regarded by some as an often-fair watchdog of political missteps by both Democrats and Republicans. Its most popular feature was the annual "Most Corrupt Members of Congress" list.


After Brock got involved, Attkisson wrote, CREW became


--a new tool of Media Matters and its radical left smears


Attkisson noted that the funding of the group was intransparent, and the group, as of her writing, had failed to file tax returns for 2015 and 2016, which were both years when Brock led the operation. His compensation was unknown as well, and Attkisson noted that the group was required to disclose it.


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