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EXCLUSIVE: Moms Of Children Killed By Illegal Aliens

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Magic Rat

Fair's fair: What IS yours?


I've posted mine before: A certain swath (1 Mi wide? 5 mi wide? I dunno.) should be turned over to the us military and declared a "free fire" zone. Anyone caught within that zone gets shot, no questions asked; it's your own damned fault for being there.


If the "Smithee Plan" were put into place, illegal immigration would grind to a halt tomorrow. But... how many numbskull "voters" would buy into this? Aye, there's the rub, as Billy S once said.


Well, I'm a numbscull voter who doesn't believe illegally crossing the border should be a capital offense.

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Buckwheat Jones

The Buckwheat Plan follows.


The President takes an oath to protect the constitution of the United States. This implies that he is duly sworn to protect the borders of the United States because without borders there is no United States. There is just a collection of States. And states are just tracts of land separated by borders, so borders pretty much define the United States that the president is duly sworn to protect.


So the president signs an executive order calling for a binding referendum which the people may participate in. And the decision to be voted on is one that relinquishes the President from the legal obligation of protecting the borders from immigrants from anywhere and everywhere through constitutional amendment..


The President spells out current law that he is trying to enforce regarding illegal immigration.


The President then articulates that if an amendment passes in which he is to give up his responsibility to enforce those laws, the result would be the following:


-America’s borders are now open to all wishing to come here.


-Because a huge influx of migrants could mean severe consequences in the form of financial and public health issues (and to prevent tent cities without proper water, food and sanitation services) from infesting the border states, the Federal government would be responsible for their welfare for two years, and for their resettlement throughout the country to ensure an even distribution of migrants.


- Taxes will rise to pay for these services.


There would be other associated costs, I am sure, and those would need to be spelled out so voters would be well aware of what they are voting on.


If the referendum passed by simple majority (the president would not enforce border the security laws), then congress would draft the appropriate amendment and the states would vote on it per constitutional regulations.


If it did not pass, the President would proceed to enforce all border laws to halt illegals from crossing the border. This could include construction of the wall and sending the regular army down to secure the border.


If the measure did not pass, and the progs and the press continued to pillory him for carrying out his sworn duty, all he has to do is say The People Have Spoken. Power to the People, and let the progs and the press suck on it.


If the measure did pass, and we burden ourselves with this new obligation to show the world that America does not hate brown people, all the president has to do when the taxes go up and the financial weight of this endeavor (not to mention the associated social problems that can be expected to follow) is to say The People Have Spoken and Power to the People.


If progs want open borders so badly, let them sit in it when the country starts the death spiral.


Sure, the rest of us will be along for the ride, but something like this will never pass. The democrats want to keep it as it is because they know that legalizing it all will expose the associated problems I just pointed out. And it will shut them down. Also, they know that if a republican made it possible for them to come and live here, there’d be no reason to vote donkey. Nancy and chuck would sh!t all over themselves if Trump did this.

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Dean Adam Smithee

Ahhh, the North Korea plan.


That's reasonable. :blink:


Reasonable... because it gets us the next next step to HONESTLY working it. I like Trump's way of "Doing Business". On any given issue, "Push it". Push it to the limit and even beyond that into absurdity... because THEN it gives you room to "Negotiate"... but from a position of STRENGTH rather than weakness.


As A small-biz owner, not 1/1000th trump size, I can state for an absolute fact: It's easier to give ground, than to gain it back. Aw, hell, Sarge, as a 'Nam Vet you probably know this 10x as well as I do.





Edited by Dean Adam Smithee

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Big Dave

Thankfully the British people told him to go do something anatomically impossible with himself.


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