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Gertie Keddle

Men, Tell Us About Your High School Experience

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Dean Adam Smithee

Leave it to that embodiment of prestige journalism, the NYTimes, to solicit submissions for a "Letters to Penthouse, High School Version"


Nah, no letter, because it never went anywhere. Mostly because a ) I was caught totally off guard, b ) I was scared sh-tless - what if we got caught?, and c ) was this some sort of prank that she was put up to? Mostly B and C going through my mind at 1,000 MPH.

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Tiger Stadium wasn't a problem when I kid in Toledo, either. These days, though? As an adult a couple of engineering projects for the now-defunct Ford plant in Wixom in late '90s and again early '00s. There is (or was) a Crowne Plaza just inside I-275 where Grand River hits 10-mile. On both projects, I practically lived out of there for months at a time. If there's not a suite named after me for that, there's surely at least a barstool with my name on it in the lounge.


Weekends (BEFORE barstool time, of course) I used to drive randomly around the city, not only seeing where I had been as a kid, but also looking at the general state of things knowing what Detroit HAD once been.


Man, it really sucks to see what Detroit has become.

On the other hand, with all of the vacant housing that has been demolished and the local flora reclaiming the land, you can take a drive in the country without having to leave the Detroit city limits. You can also visit a working farm...


Detroit was planned for 2 million people and about a third that number live in the city now. So there is plenty of room.

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I've never seen "Children of the Corn", so I googled a picture of the guy. Looks like Carrot Top, LOL.





Thank God I aged well.

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