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MTP Reggie

‘Expert’ predictions of economic disaster were all erroneous

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Taggart Transcontinental

Maybe this will help you understand the source of our deficit.






As you can see, most of the increase comes from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other means tested entitlements. Not really something you can blame Trump for.


Most of that growth is pushing refugees onto SS and all the other entitlements. Not by increases in American citizens meeting demand.



They make tons of money more than they ever did in the country they lived in.


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Taggart Transcontinental

Wow, you mean to tell me that spending has something to do with budgets? That is a crazy concept...almost as crazy as revenues having something to do with budgets. :rolleyes:



Trump's policies increased spending AND decreased revenues, thereby increasing deficits. That policy adds up to around 20% of current deficit, so no, he didn't cause all or even most of the problem but absolutely he should be blamed for false promises he made re. balancing the budgets and paying off debt. He did EXACTLY OPPOSITE by increasing deficits and has zero interest in fiscal issues as far as anyone could tell.


Seems just yesterday Republicans were protesting deficits with tea-bags on their hats but now have forgoten all about that and are giving Trump a full pass on this.


Oh child, revenue has NOTHING to do with the Federal Budget, they don't care about it one way or the other simply because they can print all the money they want. What budget is DJT working off of? Hint I told you earlier.

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Taggart Transcontinental

The Trump budget proposals WERE written down. The democrats just refused to even consider it because they wouldn't get the credit for it. They also didn't control who got the government contracts, which is what democrats live for.


2018 Budget proposal:https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/02/trump-budget-congress/553085/

“Many of the eliminations and reductions in this volume reflect a continuation of policies proposed in the 2018 President’s Budget that have not yet been enacted

by the Congress,” the sentence reads. It’s included in the introduction of a 222-page document titled “Major Savings and Reforms.”

2019 Budget Proposal:https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/02/09/trump-deliver-2019-budget-proposal-congress-largely-rejected-his-2018-plan/319385002/



WASHINGTON — President Trump's first budget, billed as the blueprint to "drain the swamp," didn't go very far.


One year later, as Trump prepares to unveil his second spending plan, his push to defund significant parts of the U.S. government does not appear likely to gain much traction – thanks not only to congressional leaders in his own party but his own actions as well.




2020 Budget proposal:


The budget is unlikely to have much effect on actual spending levels, which are controlled by Congress. Democratic leaders in both the House and the Senate pronounced the budget dead on arrival on Sunday, and Mr. Trump’s budgets largely failed to gain traction in previous years, when fellow Republicans controlled both chambers.


None of these budgets got enacted. Yet Anton wants to make the claim that they are all Trumps fault? Not a single budget proposed by the President was enacted or even considered. They were all DOA or Dead On Arrival in the house under both parties, simply because we the people are idiots and keep putting children in to do the job of a man. We got it right with the POTUS but screwed up entirely with the other branch of government.



Sorry Anton, we know how to do research, all your charts and graphs point to one party at the present screwing the pooch and that is not the Democrat or Republican party, it is the party of controlled decline that members of both parties have subscribed to. They want this nation heeled, like you, and they want to do it in a way that can be managed to enslave the largest population while minimizing damage to the rich.



That's what you are signing up for boy, slavery. Maybe you should learn a few things before you pop off at the mouth.




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