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Ahmaud Arbery Case: Propaganda, §1983, and Police Body Cam Video

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1 hour ago, Dean Adam Smithee said:

Trayvon II is apt, it's what the media is turning it  into.

By all accounts, like Trayvon I, dude was headed towards a "thug life". If it wasn't this time, then might've been next, but at any rate headed toward a Georgia Bureau of Prisons number...that , unlike "County Jail" time, follows you  FOR LIFE.

Should I start calling him "Prisoner No. GA24601?"

Wait, are you calling Travis McMichael Trayvon II?   He is the thug in danger of becoming Prison No. GA24601 after Killing Ahmaud Arbery.   It doesn't matter who Ahmaud Arbery or what he did prior to February 23, 2020.  There was no warrant for his arrest.  The police were not searching for him.  He was accused of no crimes. 

On that day, he was a man running down a road after looking at a construction site that the owner didn't care about because he didn't bother anything. 

On that day, he was a man being chased by 2-3 armed vigilantes. 

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Dean Adam Smithee
10 minutes ago, Ladybird said:

But he’s not a LEO, and had his certification taken away.  If Arbery is a “thug”, so are these clowns. 

Well, that sucks. I thought that as "retired" he might have fallen under LEOSA that I've previously explained. Apparently NOT.

For the sake of "Full Disclosure":

Gregory McMichael, ex-police officer charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery, had service weapon suspended in 2019

Gregory McMichael repeatedly failed to complete officer training.

In February 2019, the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) issued McMichael a suspension order for "failure to maintain training for the year 2018." At that point McMichael lost his powers of arrest.

In a "Memorandum of Understanding" signed by McMichael, his boss at the time, District Attorney Jackie Johnson, wrote that McMichael "will not engage in any activity that would be construed as being law enforcement in nature," and, "To that end, Mr. McMichael will not carry a firearm or badge, nor will he operate any vehicle in the motor pool outfitted with lights, siren or police radio equipment."

How the F### can THAT happen? Even *I*, as a dumb-ass farm kid from Indiana, could meet the Navy's pistol and rifle "expert" qualifications without even thinking about it. Pretty sure I could meet the Georgia POST standards without even breathing heavy. 

Still, though, he had common law "Citizens Arrest" on his side.



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The end question how can the left be allowed to riot if this doesn’t turn their way. The whole set up is there but they are over due for anouther riot. Or as their mayor said last time let them vent to the police. It seems so unfair if we don’t prejudge then allow a riot

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