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House Leader Turns The Tables On Pelosi And Democrats – Showdown On Senate Floor

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House Leader Turns The Tables On Pelosi And Democrats – Showdown On Senate Floor




BY SONS OF 1776 

 MAY 22, 2020




After bombshell revelations came out over the Flynn case, several Senate committees have launched investigations into the Obama administration. Pelosi and House Democrats immediately complained, accusing the Senate of wasting time. McConnell was ready, boys. And he blasted her with the facts.

The Obama administration-led investigation into Russia collusions is a long and tangled web. But it boils down to this: Obama’s FBI and DOJ used their power during and after the 2016 Election to interfere with our democracy. They went after members of Trump’s campaign and incoming administration, hoping to build a case against the president himself.

None of it was based on an actual crime or evidence of a crime. It appears they did it, simply because they did not want Trump becoming president. With new evidence released that casts a dark shadow over the FBI’s case against Flynn, Republicans in the Senate took steps to launch their own investigations.

Senators are looking into how Obama’s FBI conducted itself, going as far back as January 2016.

Pelosi and Democrats are understandably terrified. They don’t want Americans knowing anything that might further tarnish their corrupt, broken party’s reputation. Pelosi attacked Republicans, saying these investigations are a waste of time. Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thought that was cute—and destroyed her.



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