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Democrats Don't Believe 'Black Lives Matter' - Democrats Believe 'Black Lives Matter' Money Matters

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BLM (Black Live$ make Money) and after the "Collections" have raised all that they can the Slaves will be shooed back to the Plantation till the next opportunity to CASH IN!




Democrats Don't Believe 'Black Lives Matter' - Democrats Believe 'Black Lives Matter' Money Matters

Joe Hoft

You’d really have to have your head in the sand to believe Democrats really believe ‘Black Lives Matter’. 

The Truth is Democrats believe the money from ‘Black Lives Matter’ matters the most.

The New York Times’ recent article “Racial Justice Groups Flooded With Millions in Donations in Wake of Floyd Death” noted that the Democrats have raised millions in donations related to Black Lives Matter (BLM):

ActBlue, the leading site to process online donations for Democratic causes and campaigns, has experienced its busiest period since its founding in 2004, far surpassing even the highest peaks of the 2020 presidential primary season. (ActBlue confirmed that racial justice causes and bail funds had led the way.) The site’s four biggest days ever came consecutively this month as it processed more than $250 million to various progressive causes and candidates in two-plus weeks, according to a New York Times analysis of the site’s donation ticker.


We were the first to report that BLM was raising money using ActBlue as a resource. The Daily Caller confirmed this and reported that BLM is not a non-profit organization and nonprofit organization (Thousand Currents) said it provides ‘fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to BLM.

Candace Owens reported on the BLM – ActBlue relationship and was targeted by a bogus fact-checker. Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch jumped in and stated that the findings confirmed what we and Candace Owens reported:

ActBlue reported in May; it processed a record of $177.9 million in monthly donations, which resulted in a 180% increase over 2019. An unprecedented amount of charitable and political donations thanks to the Black Lives Matter hyper activism.

ActBlue seems straightforward, but the general public is not aware of the concealed complexities, lack of transparency, and possible diversion of funds.

Thousand Currents

Black Lives Matter Global Network has received substantial national news coverage, and it recently received $6.5 million in donations. The network is an unincorporated pseudo organization, and according to the IRS, it is not a 501(C)(3) charity, nor is it registered with the California charity registry.  Why is it able to receive charitable donations…by using the Thousand Currents 501(C)(3) charity through what is known as ‘fiscal sponsorship’?

Fiscal sponsorships funnel money through a “conduit arrangement” between a nonprofit sponsor like Thousand Currents to a pseudo organization or a group of individuals to exploit the IRS tax code. Donors should receive a tax deduction receipt from the fiscal sponsor.

Often, the arrangements lack oversight, leaving them highly susceptible to misuse and fraud, and they conceal the beneficiaries. Also, funds cannot be used for political activities. Unfortunately, the IRS has refused to take action regarding fiscal sponsorships, even though it recognizes the arrangements have inherent risks. The IRS does not require fiscal sponsors to disclose their conduit arrangements in their 990 tax returns.

Rest Here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/democrats-dont-believe-black-lives-matter-democrats-believe-money-black-lives-matter-brings-matters/


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Been saying this for quite some time...  And with all the whoohah going on in the world right now by these torqued up thugs, it makes it clear that there are two separate things going on.

The thinkers raking in the money and manipulating the scene are whipping the mindless thugs among their minions into a frenzy to send them out and create large, messy diversions while the thinkers can count their piles and piles of money without disruption.

Wouldn't want to have an inaccurate count of the bottom line, would we? <_<

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