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Under oath, officials admit to harvesting organs from babies born alive with 'beating hearts'

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On 7/1/2020 at 5:05 PM, kestrel said:

Yes..and I have to pray very hard to keep myself from doing that which would make me just like them...image.png.b19979250367f692fb145180e2ee2f15.png



You would NOT be just like them. They are murderers who shed innocent blood. These animals, these scumbags, these Satan worshipping, Ba’al Child sacrificing, evil, atrocities are far from innocent. They are amongst the most evil on the planet. 

I take comfort in knowing that God is a just God, and His justice will not sleep forever.  They will pay, in this life or the next. 

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Ghouls only feed off the dead; these scum are profiting from killing the living.  BIG difference. This is murder of the most helpless among us.  God sees, but waits - and weeps for the children.


Oh, that man had not been given his agency, and to use it for such abominable acts ...

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