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Face masks are nothing more than a cover-up of the left’s guilt in the COVID surge

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Face masks are nothing more than a cover-up of the left’s guilt in the COVID surge



by D Parker

 August 10, 2020




Most normal people have grown weary of the pandemic panic routine promulgated by the national socialist media. We’ve heard about it day after day for months now – except for the first two weeks of June, during the peacefully violent BLM riots. Just about everyone is sick of hearing about it and we want to get on with our lives.

Unfortunately, the left and the national socialist media [but we repeat ourselves] don’t want to let it go. They continue to do what they can to keep the pandemic panic, publishing their incessant ‘grim milestone’ stories whenever they can or random reaction stories.

Even now, the data indicates the country is heading towards herd immunity with a decline in cases across the board. But you wouldn’t know that from the hysteria on mask usage that has grown to epic proportions. The Daily wire reports that the University Of Georgia Says Students Should ‘Consider Wearing A Mask During Sex’. A Metro Nashville Council Member wants People Not Wearing a Mask to Be Charged with Murder or Attempted Murder.

The data clearly shows that the surge began after the peaceful violence of the Black Lives Matter riots. We’ve also shown that the national socialist media is trying to mask this obvious connection.

The media has come down with a case of collective amnesia when it comes to the role of the Black Lives Matter riots in the recent COVID surge. They are conveniently forgetting their wall-to-wall coverage of the rioting during the first two weeks of June as well a hiding the ongoing strife excerpt when they use it to attack President Trump.

For the nation’s socialist left, masks have become the miracle cure for COVID. These are the top reasons they obsess over this placebo scam.

5. Fear

We must acknowledge that there are indeed those who have succumbed to the hype. This being somewhat understandable given the role the media has played, instilling fear week after week and month after month. Certain types of masks can afford protection to the wearer in specific cases and their use is understandable.

4. Virtue signaling

Conversely, some merely want to signal to the rest of the world that they care more than anyone else. Masks have become a political symbol rather than an actual protective measure.

It’s not often that one can display their virtues so prominently in public. T-shirts with mass murderer Che Guevara are a far cry from a message displayed on one’s face, not to mention the opportunity to double-down with a political message.

3. Maintaining pandemic panic/subjugation

Let’s face it, most everyone is sick of the COVID crisis. The previously mentioned fear can only be maintained for a short time for most people. Then people get used to the threat and they want to just get on with their lives.

Face masks are a perfect opportunity to provide a constant reminder that things aren’t normal, that a dire threat still exists. Normal people are tired of the useless lockdowns and social distancing and those are falling by the wayside, primarily because of enforcement difficulties. Masks are different; those can at least be enforced with draconian rules.

Leftists love control more than liberty. They live to be able to tell people what to do no matter the circumstance. It doesn’t matter whether their orders make sense or not. They like the latter since those show their power more than logical edicts.

It doesn’t matter to them that masks are useless, to the point of being detrimental. They are very careful with the language in how they advocate forcing people to wear masks. Instead of saying they will protect people, they say they will ‘help’ slow the spread. That kind of logic could be applied to anything. Driving 5 MPH on the interstate could ‘help’ avoid accidents, but it doesn’t make any sense either.

They enjoy forcing people to submit to nonsensical edicts. It demonstrates their power and sets people up for other types of control over their lives.

2. Identity concealment

The “peaceful” looting and rioting stemming from the Black Lives Matter demonstrations went against every disease mitigation measure everyone else has been following. From breaking ‘quarantine’, gathering in large groups to failing to social distance, save one thing: Wearing a mask.

This placebo measure is also perfect when looting a store or setting fire to law enforcement vehicles and buildings. It just happens to be a way to ‘help’ stop the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The protesters were clearly not staying at home or social distancing, but they were wearing masks – at least some of the time. It’s just a happy accident for the left that this tool of disease mitigation helps keep them out of prison, assuming that they would be prosecuted in the first place.

Consider the data from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (CRC) specifically the timeline of COVID-19 policies in each state. These are compilations of the data on new cases and new deaths overlaid with data on disease mitigation measures in each state. These vary from state to state but in general, these were the disease mitigation measure for this initial period:

Stay at home orders/lockdowns

Social distancing

Contact tracing

Limiting group gatherings

1. An excuse for the peaceful violence of the Black Lives Matter riots


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Taggart Transcontinental

Just a religion based orthodoxy thing. Easy way to validate their belief that people should live in fear. Nothing more.

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Rock N' Roll Right Winger

The whole thing is a stunt used to get over on the gullible masses and it's worked so far on most but not on everyone.

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It was never about our health. 

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