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Duty Doc

Email from Baghdad

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Duty Doc

Not in it's entirety:


I was asked how do the children and parents of children handle mortar attacks and such- well- this has been a way of life for them for – ALL OF THEIR LIVES. This region has NEVER known peace. They have NEVER had one quiet night under the stars, they have never had ONE EVENT (like our 4th of July or Christmas) in which a crusader (vying for the 99 virgins) has impacted it in some way. How do they handle it??? I think the question would better be answered- How would they handle- walking safely down the streets- without fear- without sewage. Having drinking water available when they were thirsty, having power on. How will they handle that??


The daily conversations with the Iraqi people still tend to be that they are so very afraid that we will leave. They don’t want to be left. There are a few that want us out- Yes, a LOUD few- but still just a few. The little guy on the corner just wants us to stay… All of the women here want us to stay.


In general the Iraqi people are disgusted at the insurgent’s actions and they are afraid of these people. A few insurgents have decided to take the country… Therefore- we are going to make sure that this is not an option anymore.


None of us watch the NEWS here- it is all bull <censored>. It is not the Iraq any of us see or feel or smell. I know you have been hearing about the operations ongoing here in Iraq. They will soon be (edited out)


The average age of the soldier here is 19. When I was in the DFac- I sat next to a couple of soldiers- and said that I would be praying for them.


The lives of these soldiers have changed and will dramatically change within the next week. Every one I have spoken with- are fully aware of how bad Iraq is- how bad the living conditions are, and the treatment of the people here. And that their part is so very important. I haven’t spoken with ONE not even ONE soldier that does not find this campaign a noble one. Every Nation participating in this campaign- feels the same. Every soldier here stands proud in that SATISFACTION- they are Noble soldiers. We are all UNITED in our cause here- and it is JUST.


If any of you want to send anything for the children here- or anything else- I will make sure that it is given to the one’s in need- I will make every attempt to photograph your dontations.


Some children in the states sent us bags of Halloween stuff- it was great.!



I love you


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NY State of Mind

Thank you for sharing that very private email.. God bless..

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