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    Hillary Clinton: 'I would have done a better job' than Trump handling coronavirus pandemic The Washington Examiner - Mica Soellner - LINK <excerpted> President Trump's onetime Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, said the coronavirus would be under better control in the United States if she were president. "We sure could have done a better job saving lives — modeling better, more responsible behavior," Clinton told the Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast. "I don't think we necessarily should have had as deep an economic assault on livelihoods and jobs as we have. So I know I would have done a better job." Clinton, a former U.S. senator, secretary of state, and first lady, added that she felt "frustrated" being stuck on the sidelines. The coronavirus pandemic, the outbreak of which has been tied back to Wuhan, China, has led to 2.8 million cases in the U.S., and more than 130,000 of those who became infected have died. *snip* ****************************************** It wouldn't matter what the subject is, she can say she would have handled it better. If looking at her past actions could give us any indication, more people would be dead, not fewer. Unfortunately, Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods are unavailable for comment about how effective Hillary Clinton is during a crisis situation.
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    Biden probably doesn't even remember taking a position in 2012, or what it was. I mean, there's a reason people are holding up "Biden for President" signs at his rallies... so he can remember his own name and what he's running for. NY Post (2020): Joe Biden says he’s a ‘candidate for US Senate’ in latest gaffe
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    Actually, if she was president the media wouldn’t have made a big stink about it, nobody would have shutdown their states, and we probably wouldn’t know much about it. In a press conference where a fox reporter would ask her about the deaths associated with the mysterious disease, she would say “so what, we have hundred of thousands of American deaths. At this point, what difference does it make.”
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    We hear this every election cycle. Translation: The GOP only wants living US citizens to vote and they can only vote once. See how bigoted they are?
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    It’s high time Americans throw out politicians who promote mob anarchists, the destruction of law and order, and disgrace American heritage. The Federalist By Tristan Justice JULY 3, 2020 Excerpt: Hillary Clinton once said we could not be civil with a political party that wants to destroy American values. She has a point. It’s high time Americans throw out politicians who promote mob anarchists, the destruction of law and order, disgrace American heritage, delegitimize our institutions, abuse government power, exploit past injustices, and sow division in an all-encompassing 21st century cultural revolution. Where the stakes are high, so too are the demands to save America from the tyranny of the Jacobian thought police on the cusp of a takeover of the Democratic Party pledging a radical nationwide transformation. Four years after Donald Trump’s triumphant victory, Democrats have done everything in their power to undermine the Trump presidency, degrading government credibility and eroding trust in the political process. They’ve attacked the legitimacy of the Electoral College. They’ve labeled the election rigged. They’ve claimed Trump’s victory was a product of “fake news.” They’ve charged Russia with hacking the electoral contest while calling on electors to do it themselves and overturn the democratic result. At the same time, they’ve helped Russian President Vladimir Putin achieve the primary goal of his U.S. election interference to “undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process.” This was all before Trump took office. On inauguration day, Democratic members boycotted the hallmark event celebrating the peaceful transition of power and defamed the integrity of U.S. elections. Moments after the official oath, the Washington Post ran a headline providing a grim preview of what was to follow and a glimpse into how Trump Derangement Syndrome would become the first pandemic to impede progress on the president’s legislative agenda, an agenda voters demanded. “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun,” the Post wrote. And the campaign indeed stretched for years, the foundations of which were kicked off well before Trump’s election featuring deep-state operatives weaponizing the U.S. intelligence agencies to overthrow the American president. While ultimately a failure, the journey to impeachment irreparably harmed trust in American institutions and distracted leaders from real threats overseas. As the coronavirus pandemic was brewing in China, Democrats were nearing the climax of their four-year impeachment saga. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was withholding the articles from the upper chamber to extract concessions from Republican leaders for a Senate trial. Months later, Democrats and leftist pundits such as Jennifer Rubin then had the audacity to charge Trump and Republicans with having “blood on their hands.” One has to wonder how many lives could have been saved had the federal government been better prepared at dealing with the virus because Congress and the White House had not been forced to entertain a pointless impeachment. *snip* Democrats are still chasing dreams of ousting the president through impeachment, and the media is running amok breathing new life into long-expired conspiracy theories in a desperate attempt to pin Trump as a Kremlin agent. When they weren’t busy chasing tales of fantasy collusion with deep-state operatives, they were harnessing their power over legacy media to derail Trump’s Supreme Court nominees while wreaking havoc on institutional norms and eroding the presumption of innocence, one of the most important principles of western law. They withheld what they characterized as incriminating information, and launched unsubstantiated allegations while the press called for grand structural change and the packing of the Supreme Court to favor pre-determined outcomes over objective jurisprudence. Now Democrats are relishing in a new 21st-century cultural revolution after having capitalized on liberal academia for decades breeding aggressively woke children who have now permeated the leadership of the nation’s institutions. Statues celebrating American patriotism are being desecrated and vilified as relics of white supremacy. Anarchists are erecting “autonomous zones” in major cities. Democrats are heeding calls to “defund police” at a time they’re needed the most. One might criticize this article for its generalizations. These are. But make no mistake, these generalizations have now manifested themselves into a new reality. *snip* Full Commentary
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    Happy 4th to you and yours! I have no real plans for today as the family is so spread these days that everyone does their own thing. That, and some a-holes keep firing "boomers" every half hour in my neighborhood. But, it's a day to be free, blessed, and thankful. To life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!
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    In contrast, Schumer and the Marxists want as many people to vote as possible, irrespective of heartbeat, nationality, age, or number of ballots already submitted in the same election.
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    This is the time when we need to decide if we will continue to accept criminal behavior as the norm in our politicians or if we scrap them, prosecute them and demand a higher caliber of behavior.
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    I honestly don't want stupid people to count. Rules out democrats. Does that count?
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    The idiocy that comes out of his mouth. Now you know why we call him Schmucky Schumer here in NY.
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    Under her reign people who tested positive would have been ordered to report to the government shower stations for purifying. Followed by the quick dry heated drying stations. Quick solution. Mark
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    Well I love football. Love Love Love it. Pro football, college football, high school football, even pickup games in the park with your buddies. But ever since they started spitting on the flag and the anthem, I won't watch it. Local high school games? You bet. But NFL on TV? Nope, I'd rather watch grass grow or listen to paint dry.
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    He should sue his former employer for wrongful termination and defamation of character. As for charging the couple, same as the cop in Atlanta and the civil rights attorneys in Saint Louis - to put "white America" on notice. Yeah, I said it.
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    HAPPY 4th OF JULY To All the members here and their families a Happy and Safe 4th of July
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    The bill filed by Congressman Lee (D-Cloud Cuckoo Land) would create a Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans. Who would be on it? Of the thirteen members, three would be appointed by the President, three would be appointed by the Speaker of the House, and one would be appointed by the President of the Senate Pro Tem. The other six would be selected (by whom?) "from the major civil society and reparations organizations that have historically championed the cause of reparatory justice." So, don't buy the lie that Congressman Lee is proposing a commission merely to study the issue. Even the name of the Commission means their task is to develop proposals for reparations. It is beyond belief that even though nearly half of the commission will be recruited from organizations which agitate for reparations for slavery, that commission will recommend against it. Their job is to decide how big the reparations should be, not whether today's white people should pay them. Members of the Commission will be paid as members of the Senior Executive Service. That implies the equivalent of at least $127,000 a year although they will be paid only for days worked, including travel time. The Commission will terminate 90 days after it issues its report to the Congress, which creates the incentive to issue its report only after the Commission has used up the $12 million appropriated for it. The Commissioners can also hire "experts and consultants" at rates not to exceed what the Commissioners themselves are getting paid. Three things are certain. The commission will recommend reparations for slavery. Also, that when the Commission uses up the first $12 million it will request another $12 million. Finally, anyone who questions the value of the Commission's recommendations or the justice of taking money from people who never held slaves and paying it to people who never were slaves will be accused of being a racist.
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    Happy Independence Day to my RN family. Jay's Christmas bush now has a patriotic theme.
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    The gun came out after Fat Ass tried to trap the white couple in their parking space and then tried to break out their car window. If this goes all the way through, and the couple gets convicted, I predict Fat Ass will try this again with someone else. Miss Piggy might too because Fat Ass is teaching her well. One, the other or both will be increasing their chances of getting their faces blown off when they fool with the wrong person. Just sayin.
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    I have no evidence that you live in New York City. In fact, I have seen no evidence in 15 years that you are honest.
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    By the way, I just showed my wife this article and she made a good point that this is likely even more significant than initially looks. The mortality appears to be improved by 50% at first glance - from 26% of hospitalizations to 13%. However, some of those who end up passing away were likely very sick and would have succumbed anyway to a nasty flu or a pneumonia etc. Therefore, let’s say (and I admit I’m going a bit extreme with the numbers here but just to illustrate) 10% out of those 26% were going to be in real danger anyway. That leaves 16%. Of which 16% died without HCQ and 3% died with it. That’s an 80% improvement in survival, not 50%. This is so significant that every hospital should use the drug. To NOT do so will be malpractice.
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    One small correction to an otherwise excellent article - Re: The part I bolded & underlined - I'd rephrase that to "We HAD made enormous strides, until Obama came along and set race relations back at least a half-century." There, much more accurate.
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    Trump denounced the Nazis and the white supremacists. You agreed. When I asked you a yes/no question, you said yes. Therefore, it is not at all in doubt whether Trump denounced those groups. He did. Therefore, equally logically, when he states that there were fine people on both sides, he cannot be including the groups he has explicitly said are not fine people. This is not debatable. There’s no backdoor to claiming, ah but he meant those people. He did not. The only possibility you have to blame Trump is that he was mistaken about who was trying to save the statues. If there weren’t anyone but Nazis and white supremacists doing so, then he would have simply been mistaken. But the important part would still be that he wouldn’t have been calling Nazis and white supremacists fine people, because, as you agreed, he had already explicitly said they were not fine people. Of course, there are two major caveats regarding whether he was wrong about those other non-nazi, non-supremacist people. 1. He wasn’t wrong but you are wrong in your claim about who else was there from the “save the statues” side. This, given your highly dishonest history, is a near certainty. 2. There were two sides present, statue savers and statue destroyers. You only have examined one side, predictably, because you’re a partisan hack who’s uninterested in the truth about events like this. Your race-driven obsession aside, there are actually 4 possibilities here. One: there actually were fine people from both sides. Two: there were fine people among the savers but not among the destroyers. Three: there were fine people among the destroyers but not among the savers. Four: there were no fine people among either group. Most likely probability is that #1 is true. Least likely probability is that #3 is true, which is what you advocate, which is no surprise to anyone here.
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    Get professional psychiatric help, nitwit. Or at least take that reading-comprehension course I've been recommending for so many years. The fact is irrefutable: EVEN IF TRUMP WAS "WRONG" (and you aren't stupid enough to believe that anyway) about who was on which side, his words make it crystal clear he SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED racists/extremists/nazis/white supremacists/etc from his "fine people" comment. After reading the exact quote IN ITS ENTIRETY it would require severe brain damage to fail to grasp such a conspicuous and indisputable fact. You need serious help.
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    You too, eh? I have a wallet-full of IDs, most for work. We used to have the key fob for the Two Factor ID, but now it's on my phone. When at a bank (etc), and they ask for my ID, I reply "How many would you like?" pull 'em out and splay them like a hand of playing cards Before I got my Global Traveller ID, TSA wouldn't let me use my TWIC to get in the shorter line (despite using the same form and submitting to the same office for clearance). I found it astounding that I could get in and out of high-security munitions storage magazines and military shipyards, but needed yet another ID to be able to use the shorter TSA line. Go figure Re: the point at hand, I will be dead before I am microchipped.
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    I read that on a post on Facebook once, so it's gotta be true. That is the new standard, after all.
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    I don't disagree with you. But after watching the video again, it's pretty obvious the black woman purposely walked to the back of the car for the reason of being able to hurl more accusations at the couple. There was no imminent threat to the white woman's life in the vehicle and the driver had the the room to maneuver forward, after backing up the car initially, to completely create a safe distance from the confrontation, then call the cops. Now do I agree with the law that it's now going to be the white woman that is charged, no, I don't, but that's the current law. The black woman should also be charged for violent threats.
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    Yes, I read the whole article as well as the PDF before posting in this thread. Your claim was not backed up by any evidence in the article. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services explicitly states otherwise: "Probable cases are not included in the total case numbers." https://dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/additionaldata.aspx
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    If she would have been President when this hit, we never ever would see her out and about. The woman is a walking underlying condition. She would be doing what Biden is doing now:: Leading from the basement.
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    No, it's not. Had they asked President Trump and he refused, then it would be his fault. Therein is your ridiculous lack of standards.
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    I am surprised he has not said, "I'm Biden President running for www.joebiden.com"
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    A bunch of the whites who live in the city centers are leftist... yes, other patronizing losers live in the rich burbs too, but these woke whites in the city think their black cred is off the charts.
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    I'm tired of all these proggy virtue signalers pissing all over my values and beliefs. I sure as HELL won't be giving them anymore money or time.
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    I'll answer that one for him Monty. Just as she got behind the car she was overcome with such extreme sadness over the way the evil White woman talked to her that she momentarily forgot where she had parked her car. She actually wanted to kneel and pray for the racists but was afraid to. Mark
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    He has been told something similar by multiple members, including myself, for years. He simply doesn't care. He has no ethical base. He has no moral compass. He is a bitter, black racist troll. Period.
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    I knew you couldn’t. Eric, one would be hard pressed to find a better example of aggressive, threatening, belligerent, and racist behavior on the internet than what these two blacks have provided for the rest of the world. In anybody’s interpretation, it’s clearly Just what it appears to be. Violent, Aggressive, Threatening and Racist... (I kick yo White Ass if you open you mouth). There’s no question. Not in anyone’s estimation. Except for you. You look around in wide-eyed woke-wonder and go “I...I can’t see it.” And what you focus on instead is “Unsafe backing up.” I think you’d actually get some credit on here if you just said these two blacks were out of line and over the top, but that you still think drawing down on them was wrong. But you couldn’t and I knew that about you. I just wanted you to step in it, and you did . You're weak, Eric. You cannot admit to the obvious when it doesn’t agree with your beliefs. Intellectual honesty is usually something we develop at home, so I’m curious ....which one was the gutless wonder that passed on that trait to you? mommy or daddy?
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    Maybe she could have gotten rid of the virus. She could ugly anything to death.
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    Makes it kinda hard to believe that this bunch in the Federal Govt is capable of some vast tin foil hat conspiricy...They couldn't find Rin Tin Tin at a Cat show! Kestrel...
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    I haven’t watched Neal Cavuto lately. Hopefully he apologizes as vigorously and passionately for his statements made about hydroxychloroquine as when he made them. I lost a ton of respect for Neal when he made those statements. And it wasn’t just a one-time thing. He went on about it for several days in a row.
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    Did you read the article?... Rules forbid me from posting the whole banana here and leading you by the hand thru the charts..as to the veracity of the claims?..no idea for sure but then do you have any evidence you have a College degree?...is its veracity verified?...do you have any proof?..Its a real simple proposition Kid...they make more money by ramping up the score. Simple as that..I don't really believe its some nefarious plot to take down Trump...its just good old fashioned Corporate Greed! Kestrel...
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    In most jurisdictions in the EU and North America, 18 YO is the age where both parental "obligations" and parental "rights" stop (I think Scotland may be the sole exception at 16). Which means that any parent tolerating these monsters still living in their basement has transitioned from "Raising Children" to "Harboring Criminals". But the occasional parent does the right thing: Antifa suspect who incited riot gets turned over to police, by his parents (I generally try to land on the side of "Keeping Families Together" even to a fault sometimes. Up to a point. In the case I linked above, the "Antifa Suspect" was 20 YO, which means the parents already had 18+ years worth of chances to get it right, and failed, so NOW their obligation is to assist society in cleaning up the mess they created. ) "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6. Hillary Clinton and her ilk have it all wrong: FAMILIES raise children; Villages raise idiots. VS. Anybody want to wager on which of the above two documents guided the raising of most of these Antifa/OWS/BLM monsters?
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    Funny, reminds me of the Monty Python sketch where they find a joke that's lethal and translate it into German to use as a weapon. I loved the Nazi counter joke: Hitler: My dog has no nose. SS dude: How does he smell? Hitler: Awful!
  47. 2 points
    Wrong. It doesn’t matter if the white lady bumped into Miss Piggy and didn’t apologize. Or maybe she did apologize. I don’t have that information. The information I do have is that the blacks were aggressive and belligerent as they harassed two people who were simply trying to get in their car and drive off. They did not verbally abuse the blacks, who threatened to “beat they ass” and went above and beyond to descalate the confrontation. The gun came out when Fat Ass stepped behind their car to trap them and keep them from leaving, and then tried to break out their car’s rear window by pounding on it. The woman obviously feared for her safety and pulled the gun to protect herself, preborn baby and husband. Verbal abuse is violence and words are weapons. Modern leftism says this and makes no bones about it. You a modern leftist, lb?
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    The White left patronizes everyone who is not a White leftist. It's strange that they consider themselves superior when they're wrong about almost everything.
  49. 2 points
    Yours is the exact question being debated. It would seem that what we are witnessing is the Everyone-Gets-A-Trophy generation of brats, who have been indoctrinated from elementary school through college with Marxist, anti-American BS has reached adulthood. Translation: this has been in the works for a long time
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    I blame Trump! It's Trumps fault! We have to vote for Joe Biden to save the planet! M'kay?
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